My Life is The Best Life

by Cookie


A dear friend of mine has an incredible blog called My Life is The Best Life.  It’s what inspired me to start doing some writing of my own.  She finds one thing everyday that reminds her how awesome her life is and shares it in a witty, honest and down to earth way.

Anyway, she seems to be busy living her best life with a newborn baby right now, so I thought I would totally copycat her step in and write about why my life is the best life today in her honor.

My life is the best today because it is almost Christmas and I’m pregnant.  And freshly into the second trimester too, which means hello Christmas Dinner.

Ok.  Con:   I can’t add rum to my nog, but I also didn’t know the joy of nog until this pregnancy.  That’s one smart little fetus in there!

BUT.  The pros are endless.  Let me tell you about being pregnant.  Everything is tight.  Seriously, tight like a goddamn tiger.  Don’t worry about cellulite.  Don’t worry about your stomach sticking out.  Everything is bigger and tighter than it ever was before or ever will be again.  My boobs are porno boobs.  Tight. 

And after Christmas, when all you poor assholes will be struggling to do up your pants and getting gym memberships to lose the holiday pounds, I will sit back, eat some more cake and happily gain another pound.  And my pants will give a little stretch to accommodate my new found girth.

And not that I wasn’t a hot commodity before, but everybody wants to make plans with me on New Years Eve.  It’s not because they’ll get a built in designated driver and not have to worry about finding a cab.  It’s because I’m tight, remember?

And that, folks is why I think MY life is the best life today. What about you?