A Different Kind of Resolution

by Cookie


As I sit here this morning, sipping my coffee, contemplating what witty things I have to share with the world, I came across an article on msn.com about a grieving mother paying tribute to her daughter.

And once again my wit was lost, my pregnant hormones kicked in, and my eyes welled up with tears. Because even though over the last couple days of family fun and a day long date with Husband I had forgotten the grief I felt for all those families in Newtown, this morning I remembered.

And I keep thinking how grateful I am that while so many families lost the most precious ones in their lives, I am so blessed to have mine right here with me.  I got to see her squeal with delight on Christmas Eve when all her favourite people were here.  I got to see her drag a teddy bear twice her size around the house all morning.  I got to watch her eyes light up when she opened her very own drum.

I got to get up 3 times last night and comfort her through her teething pain.

I got to. And so many would trade anything to be me.

I cannot pretend to imagine the things that this grieving mother thought or did or felt on Christmas day as she looked at the gifts she had bought her daughter. I cannot pretend I have the answers to the issues politicians and citizens face in the wake of these events.  But I can say this.  Causing pain in others and robbing others of the things you don’t have will never heal you.  The only way to rise above the things that hurt you in your life is to forgive and treat people with a little more grace and little more love.

A hard practice to follow for a big mouthed, blunt little Irish girl.  But I will make this my New Year’s resolution:

I will speak to others with a little more empathy and understanding.  I will listen better and talk less.  I will treat other people the way I wish my daughter will be treated by others.  Because you never know how you are hurting someone, and that someone could seek revenge on someone elses child.

We can argue gun control and tougher laws and more attention to mental health all we want.  And yes, these things will help to control the problem.  But the real problem, the real issue is how we treat one another.

So this year, forget about losing weight and quitting smoking.  Resolve to be kind to one another.  We are all part of the solution.