Call Me To Action Or Call Me An Asshole

by Cookie

I’m not really much for commenting on politics, but a recent photo circulating on Facebook has got me a little irritated.  Here it is:


I’m not going to pretend to understand completely the movement or cause this woman is fighting for, nor will I comment on it save for this:  She is obviously very dedicated to raising awareness for her beliefs.  She fights for what she believes in.  She believes she can make a difference.  And this in itself is admirable.

Here’s the but.

I don’t believe it is fair to say that Harper is “allowing ” her to do anything.  She has made a choice to try and get her way by intimidation and self-harm.  In my opinion this is the same as terrorism. And last time I checked, we aren’t supposed to negotiate with terrorists, because it sets a precedent that you get your way by acting like an asshole.  She has a legitimate right to request a meeting with a Crown Rep, and she has been offered one.  But she wants what she wants and she’s gonna starve until she gets it.

I guess she’s gonna starve then.

Now before you all jump down my throat, hear this:  It doesn’t mean I don’t believe that the conditions on reserves are abominable.  It doesn’t mean my heart doesn’t ache for the children who live there and the shitty lives many of them face.  It just got me thinking about the mentality of the general population.

About how we’re always looking for someone to blame when things don’t go our way.  How we want someone else to be the White Knight and save us from our problems.  About how solutions never seem to get implemented because someone is always throwing a fucking fit before we even try them out.

So, congratulations, Theresa Spence.  You got my attention.  You got the country’s attention.  So do something useful with it and accept a meeting with Harper’s representative.  It’s a start.  It will get the conversation flowing.  You may even still get a meeting with Harper.  But don’t make acting like an asshole your claim to fame.  Don’t be known in History textbooks as the woman who starved herself to death and had nothing to show for it.  Be known for doing something drastic for a cause you believed.  For being the one to negotiate successfully with government and partnering with them to improve the quality of life for all First Nation people.

Being called to action is a lot more inspirational than being called to be an asshole.

And to all the people sharing this photo on Facebook:  Why don’t you all put your money where your mouths are?  If you believe so strongly in Theresa Spence’s cause, why don’t you lobby on her behalf?  I’m pretty sure the only thing most of you have done to support her is share this bullshit propaganda photo on Facebook.

Congratulations.  Mouse-clickers of the universe unite.