Peanut Butter VS Tunafish

by Cookie


Today I decided to draw inspiration from the news.  Almost immediately, I came across an article about some club “allowing” same sex spouses at marine social clubs.  From

“Marine Corps leaders have directed their legal teams to alert spouses clubs at all Marine bases to begin allowing same-sex spouses as members if those social groups want to continue operating on Marine installations, Marine officials confirmed to NBC News Wednesday evening.”

No fucking shit.

I guess my problem is with the term “allowing”.  Seriously.  it is 2000 and fucking 13 people.  How is it that we are just “allowing” this now?  Because here’s another newsflash, US military.  People are gonna be gay whether you “allow” it or not.  And you know what else?  Who cares?

Last time I checked, being gay is not synonymous with being mentally incapable, or physically handicapped, or any other deterant to being an effective member of the US military.  So what difference does it make who they sleep with?

You sure don’t mind “allowing”  your gay marines to die and bleed over in the Middle East for a war that we all know is really about oil and money.  NO problem with that at all.

So thanks for “allowing” their spouses to come and have a couple beers at your club when they’re off duty.  Finally.

This totally fucking irritates me.  I don’t understand why heterosexual idiots people continue to feel threatened by homosexual people.  They’re not zombies.  They’re not coming for you and gonna turn you on contact.  They’re not gonna force you to be gay just because they are.

That’s your job.  it’s what society has been doing for just about ever.

Think of it this way.  If I like to eat peanut butter sandwiches for lunch and you like to eat tunafish, we both don’t have to agree on that.  My bringing a peanut butter sandwich for lunch will in no way change your tunafish to peanut butter.  The peanut butter won’t jump out of its bread and violate your tunafish just by being in the same lunchroom.  I will likely sit at the table and enjoy my sandwich as you enjoy yours.  it doesn’t mean we can’t be friends, it just means we can’t share a sandwich.

I’m not gonna really comment on how God feels about same-sex marriage, because he’s never really talked to me about it.  I mean, we’re tight and all, but I usually do most of the talking during our conversations.

But I do know this.  God loves every person equally.  It’s God’s job to judge not ours.  It’s our job to love everyone as we love ourselves. Period.

So, maybe we could try and stop separating ourselves into all these categories and remember to be a little more accepting, a little more compassionate, and a little less judgemental.

Maybe we can all go to the club, no matter what sandwich we bring for lunch.