Learn how to #$%@ Like a Man

by Cookie


Almost every single morning when I wake up, I make some coffee, make some toast and turn on the computer.  I check to see what’s going on in the social media world, maybe check my email and read some news.

My favorite is msn, because they like to throw in a couple of trashy pieces about how to have better sex, how to make him want you, blah blah blah.  Today’s article was “10 Guy Turn Ons”.

This delightful piece of nonsense explains how to shoot a coy smile across the room, wear your shirt off the shoulder with bedhead hair, all while wearing a pair of high heels and his shirt.

Yeah.  No shit.  You know why those things are a turn on?  Cause they all make you look like he just fucked the shit out of you and you want him to do it again.  You threw some shoes on just to give him something to have to take off.

You what else turns men on?

Telling them they might get laid later.  Or right now.

Or just get naked and call them upstairs.

Seriously, how is it that a news organizations feels the need to explain to a woman how to get sex if she wants it?  Cause here’s a little secret:  Any woman could go out and get laid any time, any place, anywhere if she wants to.  Men are easy to convince.

Trust me, I’m all over it.  I ‘m pregnant see…..and not because I wore his shirt and subtle makeup.  I think I probably said something like ” so you want to go do it?”  And that was the end of talking.

This ain’t the 1950’s, girls.  if you want it, go and get it.  Watch a few episodes of Sex And The City and take few notes from Samantha if you need a little advice.  Learn how to get what you want.   Learn how to fuck like a man.

And this is all a delightful metaphor for all other aspects of your life as well.  Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.  Don’t pussyfoot around things.  Say what you mean and mean what you say.  Be direct, and self assured and go for it.  Learn to live like a man too.

They may be the weaker sex, but they got a few things right.