Women: Appreciate Your Men

by Cookie


I have a secret to share today.  Don’t get too excited, this isn’t going to be a sexual instruction blog.  We’ll save that for another day when I feel like putting my teacher hat on.

I am a little bit of a still-in-the-closet-hypocrite sometimes.  And unfortunately for Husband, most of my hypocrisy gets directed his way.  Cause, you know, he’s kinda there.

For example, I always bitch at him when he bitches at the kid or the dogs.  God forbid he yell at them.  I mean, what kind of parent gets frustrated, yells and perhaps even gives the offending creature a smack on the ass when the retarded animal is stepping on my toe and piercing it with its claw?  ( Not that that happened to me or anything)

Well, I do, actually.  And gracious as he is, he never says anything bitchy to me when I’m freaking out, unless we already having a little row ourselves.  But if it were him, I would crawl up his ass before he even knew what was happening. Cause I’m super reasonable that way.

The other day Husband went out with a couple of the guys to blow off some steam.  I happily sent him on his way, because every one needs to get out and have a couple of beers now and then.  It makes us more pleasant human beings, especially when the alternative is having conversations with a toddler that consist of trying to get her to repeat one syllable words back to you.

So the next day, I think maybe the beers from the night before may have still been affecting him a little, because he seemed a little tired, and uninterested in getting up.  So in my allocated  “irrationally irritated due to pregnancy” time during the day, I felt a little resentful as he lounged in front of the tv while I puttered around with laundry, the dishwasher, the Destroyer, etc.

I left him with a grumpy toddler and a house full of half completed shores with barely enough time for me to get to the classes I teach.

And then I came home.  And you know what?  Without me having to tell him, or show him, or direct him in any way, he had completed every half-assed chore I had started.  The house was tidy.  The pile of crap on top of the piano was all organized and un- cluttered.  And somehow, he had managed to make the house not smell like a barn, even with all three dogs still inside.

Seriously.  This was BJ earning behaviour, let me tell you.  I am gonna have to make time to make good on that.

And the unavoidable social commentary started in my head.  There really can’t be an “I” in team.  Not only would it be spelled all fucked up, but really, life just works better when we work as a team.  And yesterday humbly reminded me that sometimes, when I’m too busy being on my high horse of Team Awesome, I forget to give the other member credit for all the shit he does.

So going into the weekend, kids, remember that we call each other partners for a reason.  Remember to appreciate the little every day things that your partner does for you, and cut them some slack.

And when they so something particularly awesome, show them your, ummm, appreciation.