by Cookie


This weekend has had its ups and downs.

Up, because we have spent some great times with family and friends.  Eating has become my new hobby, so having company over is another excuse to gorge myself in an obscene way.

Down, because I am horribly insomniac right now.  Not being able to sleep when you’re pregnant is one of the cruelest forms of punishment.  I must have pissed God off recently, because fighting to stay awake during the day and not sleeping at night has become my new routine.  My thing.  I’m starting to know the after midnight lineup on all my favorite channels by heart. I also sit there and think about all the people I hate because they are sleeping and I am not.  They probably drank hot rum with a cinnamon stick before bed to ease their mind, and I did not.  Ugh.  How many months of this?

Down, because the weather is just about minus 1000 degrees Celsius right now.  Do you know what it feels like to go outside and feel like your eyeballs have frozen solid?  The instant you step outside?  I’m afraid to rub my eye because I’m pretty sure the eyeball will shatter into a million pieces upon contact.

Up, because Tom Brady and the Cheater Brigade got beat by the Ravens yesterday, and will not be making an appearance at the Superbowl. I hate that guy.

Up, because the Destroyer has been in a great mood and learned this delightful new game called  “up/down”.  I say “up” she stands up.  I say “down” she crouches down.  An genius way to distract a toddler on the verge of meltdown in a restaurant.

Down, because the Destroyer destroyed her face last night.  She fell against the edge of the coffee table and cut open her chin.  With a nice bruise to match and two charming puncture holes in her tongue from her little fangs.  Are babies supposed to have teeth that pointy?  OMG.  She is part animal of some sort.  For reals.

And that, kids, is our weekend in a nutshell.  Up and down.