Here Gun, There Gun, Everywhere a Gun Gun

by Cookie


The media has recently been ablaze talking about gun control.  Stricter gun laws, less accessibility.  Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

Right to bear arms.

Oh my fucking gawd.

How about the right to send your child to school and not pick them up at the city morgue.? How about the right to leave your teenager at home while you work and not come home to find them dead from an accidental gunshot wound?  How about the right to live a peaceful life where people solve their problems with humanity instead of violence?

So here it is.  Maybe it is the difference between American and Canadian culture, but I just don’t get people’s fascination with firearms.  The only valid reason anyone should own a gun is for hunting.  And when not in use, that gun should be in a safe that no child, thief, or crazy person has access to.  And the process of approval for owning a firearm should be extensive.  As in, no crazy people.

I’m really sorry if that’s fucking inconvenient for all the gun enthusiasts out there.  I’m sure that all the victims of gun crimes find it really inconvenient to be paralyzed or missing half their face, or to have just buried their child.  Don’t let those people trample on your rights or anything.  The right to feel like your balls just grew bigger because your gun holds more rounds than the other guys.

There is just absolutely no good reason for any law abiding, well intentioned person to own or operate any sort of automatic, semi-automatic or concealable weapon.  Don’t tell me it’s for protection.  Because you likely couldn’t hit the broad side of a goddamn barn with a handgun unless you’re some sort of gun Rain Man.  Oh yeah, and you’ll probably just end up being a victim of your own weapon.  Good thing you had protection.

Every single day when I read the news, there is some sort of murder, or murder-suicide, or mass shooting being reported.  When will people learn?  According to Albert Einstein, the definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior over and over and expecting a different result.  So something has to change., or I declare all Americans insane.

Seriously though.  Guns are a part of culture in the US.  And convincing someone to change their culture is a very very difficult thing to do.  Even with the disastrous consequences that seem to be more and more common, how do you convince someone to give up their “rights”?

I don’t know.  Where do you even start?  I mean, a change in laws will be useful in the long run maybe, but what do you do about all the weapons already in the general population?  How do you make these inaccessible to the wrong people?  How do we truly protect ourselves?

I just don’t know.

But I think this:  The right to bear arms is a pretty old “right”.  As in, declared a few hundred years ago? In 1791?  So maybe we should solve all problems with gun fights, like we used to do.  Forget courts and lawyers and trials.  Forget innocent before proven guilty.  Because if we are going to declare our rights by some archaic declaration, maybe we should live by archaic law.  Leave people to solve their own shit.

Fuck civilization.  We got rights.