Sex Sells. I’m Buying.

by Cookie



Us Canadians sure love controversy.  In fact, these days, we love it so much that I think we are deliberately creating it to avoid becoming boring or obsolete.  Apparently there is nothing much going on in this country besides a few hundred thousand pissed off Aboriginals and some extremely cold weather.

So, I give you……the Canadian Wheat Board’s latest controversy:

When you stop rolling your eyes and wondering what the fuck the problem is, I want you to think long and hard whether this ad offends you. Especially if you’re a woman.

Does it?  Are you still here?

Apparently some people are offended because it promotes the mentality of “sex sells” and the Canadian Wheat Board shouldn’t support such a thing.

I have a few things to say about this.  First of all, the painting is originally from the U.S., by pinup artist Gil Elvgren in 1969.  It’s that classical pinup style featuring a beautiful woman.  Who cares?  Are women not allowed to pretty anymore?  Are women not allowed to ooze sexuality?  Would you rather look at an ad that features something like this?:



Yeah.  I didn’t think so.

Secondly, sex does sell.  And I’m ok with that.  Nobody is getting down Budweiser’s throat for all the scantily clad women in its ads.  Rhianna seems to be doing all right, despite the fact that she sounds like a Belinda Carlisle inspired version of a new chipmunk,  because she’s pretty much naked all the time and we like to look at her.  The fact is, that if sex is selling, then people are buying because that’s what they want.  Why can’t the Wheat Board join the party?

Thirdly, as a woman, I have no problem with a woman using her assets to manipulate things in her favour.  You know who does have a problem with that?  Ugly people.  They’re pissed because they have to rely on other things like intelligence and charm and talent to get to the top.  Which is ok with me too.  We all have different skill sets, and your high intelligence doesn’t bother me any more than my big boobs should bother you.

The reality is that none of it matters anyway.  Advertise your sexy ads, attract all the people, and if they want what you have they’ll stick around to buy it.

The other reality is that women have been using their sexuality to manipulate men for just about ever.  And now we want to get pissed off about it?  There are always a few dumb bitches who want to ruin it for the rest of us.  Show some cleavage, wiggle your ass, and bat your lashes ladies.  And keep your mouth shut.  They will be at your mercy.

I’m not saying to be a one trick pony, either.  Because we make babies and get older and things that used to be tight start to go south. Literally.  But while it’s available……..sell your sexy.

If you are a bra burning crazy person, you may start your attack now.  I’m not worried, I have an army of boys on my side.