1.6 Pounds of Prevention

by Cookie



Oh. My. God.

Did anyone read the article about the Ravens cheerleader who got benched for weight gain?  I’m talking about the senior one who didn’t get to go to the Superbowl, Courtney Lenz.

I don’t care about the Superbowl selection process.  Apparently there were some other “fatties” who went so I don’t know what the decision was based on and I don’t care.  What I want to know is, how can anyone be benched for a 1.6 pound weight fluctuation?

Obviously a man made these rules.  To say that a woman, any woman cannot have any sort of weight fluctuation or face disciplinary action is absolutely ridiculous.  Ummmm  hello menstruation?

I mean, I could retain about 5 pounds of water weight just by looking at a bag of salty chips at that time of the month.  Come on.   A 1.6 pound weight gain isn’t a weight gain.  It’s the difference between having lunch or skipping it.  Your weight could fluctuate that much over the course of a day, depending how many fluids you take in.  WTF?

Don’t get me wrong.  I am not supporting the cheerleader or un-supporting her.  I could give a shit about her, really.

What I have a problem with is that everyone is talking about whether she went to the fucking Superbowl or not, and no one is talking about how grossly inappropriate and humiliating it is to be weighed every week and judged by your employer based on it.  I have a problem with a society that keeps talking healthy body image and yet allows non-stop advertising of this:

While making young girls feel like they need to look like this:

I have an idea.  Why doesn’t somebody just write ” Bulimia for Dummies, How to Achieve the Unachievable” ?

I don’t know.  I mean, as a parent, it’s up to me to help instill positive body image and help my daughter make the right nutritional choices.  It’s up to me to create good habits that will help promote and maintain her health and fitness.  But where is the line?  How do I do that without making her feel shamed or judged based on her appearance or what the scale says?

I can tell you what it’s like to be scrutinized about your weight as a child, and let me tell you, it doesn’t reap any awards.  My self perception has always been, and probably always will be fucked up.

How do I protect her from being judged over a 1.6 pound weight gain while still teaching her good habits and that it is important to maintain a healthy weight?

I guess the answer is simple in theory and difficult in practice.  As usual, it is the power of my actions that will win out, rather than the power of my words.  And so, I must lead by example.  Sigh.  I guess that means after this baby is evicted, it’s back on the treadmill, or packing a double stroller and a dog pack for some good old fashioned exercise.  I must demonstrate a dedication to keeping myself healthy, while projecting a positive self-image.  I must refer to myself as beautiful even on the days that I do not feel that way, so that she believes this to be “normal”.  I must show her to love and respect herself so that she won’t love and respect herself based on a comparison to an unattainable image.

Fuck.  Motherhood is turning me into a human being.  One day at a time.