by Cookie



Valentine’s Day. I had all these snarky comments about consumerism and bullshit holidays that are designed to do nothing but take my money ready for you.  It was gonna be an EPIC commentary about how it perpetuates low self esteem in already lonely people.

And yesterday everything changed.  I fell in love all over again.  Not with one man, but two.  And not in a creepy, ridiculously entertaining “The Bachelor” type way.  Not in an adulterous manner.

I saw my son for the first time.

And then I saw the look on Husbands face when he saw his son for the first time.  And I was so, so happy to be able to give him this gift.  He loves his daughter irrevocably,  but this just made him look so…..complete.  Apologies for the Jerry Maguire reference.

So he bounced through the rest of the day with a smile on his face and sincere joy in his heart, and it made me love him even more.  Despite my exhaustion after being up all the night the night before, yesterday was a good day.

And now Valentines Day is here, and I have 3 loves in my life.   It’s not about roses and chocolate or valentine’s cards.  It’s not about making excuses to buy a new dress or go out for dinner if you really can’t afford it.  It’s not about feeling obligated to show your love to someone through any of these things.  What we should be doing is being thankful that there are people in our lives that love us, and that we love too.

Maybe you are a single parent.  Maybe you’ve never been on a date.  But there is someone in your life that is busy loving you right now.  And that’s the best ever.

I know.  If you are in high school and people are handing out cards and roses and you are always the one who receives nothing, that sucks.  I’ve been there, trust me.   But you have parents, or siblings, or friends or a dog or whatever.  There is love in your life, and it is worthy of celebrating.

Today, despite my distaste for consumeristic, made up, bullshit holidays, I am celebrating too.  I am celebrating being the first love of a young man’s life.  I am celebrating an opportunity to shape and influence a young man through to adulthood, and teach him how to treat a woman he will one day love.  I am celebrating giving my daughter a brother, and my husband a son.  I am celebrating the fact that despite my initial longing for another pink little baby girl, this tiny little man was able to capture my heart in about 5 nanoseconds.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Little Buddy.