An Open Letter to Perpetrators Of Sexual Violence

by Cookie

I know its not Friday, but my tits are burning today.  I thought about not even linking to this fucking article, because I don’t want to the author to get any more attention and readership.

But you should read it.  You should read it and get angry about it so that we as a society declare that despite her bullshit analysis of sexual violence,  acts of disgust and abuse towards women and children are not tolerated.

If you don’t have time to read it, get angry about this:  She suggests that what happened in Steubenville should have been dealt with by the parents.  The girl should have been grounded for getting drunk and raped and the boys should have been suspended from football for a while.  Charging them with a crime for violating a woman was overboard.

She doesn’t see anything wrong with unwanted sexual advances in the workplace.  She thinks it’s ok for a politician to sexualize a woman publicly.  I guess us women deserve to have no professional credibility unless it has to do with the perkiness of our tits or the firmness of our ass.

She also thinks that a person watching child pornography in the privacy of their own home isn’t hurting anyone.  She compares the war on drugs and abortion to child exploitation.

Ok.  I will warn you advance that I have been stewing on this all night.  I actually don’t think I need to comment on the disgrace this woman has brought to women everywhere by voicing these opinions.  I don’t think I need to make anyone understand that  some pervert jacking off to porn in his home is certainly not hurting anyone unless the images include children.  Because children are not sexual beings.  An adult film star of legal age is capable of making the decision to participate.  A child is not.  A child is innocent.

That child belongs to someone.  That child may have been taken from a loving family and forced to perform horrible acts in front of a camera.  That child could be mine. Or yours.

And now you will hear a mama’s rage.

Do you know what I would like to do for Barbara Amiel?

I would like to help her understand things from the victim’s point of view.  So, my inner psycho and I got together and started to think about how we can make this fucking retarded bitch see how very wrong she is.

1.  I would like to give her something to help her sleep.  A general anesthetic or a little bit of wine.  The we’ll strip her naked and start inserting things into her vagina.  Because it’s not really a big deal.  Not even if you take pictures.  And then, after WE the ABUSERS have done suffering in the media because of this, we’ll send her to some counselling for forgetting to say no.

2. As far as I know, this woman does not have children.  And THANK GOD for that.  Perhaps we can create some pornographic images of her, and allow her to see or hear about some disgusting piece of shit using the images for self-pleasure. Or maybe that would boost her ego a bit.  After all, it will be done in the privacy of his or hers own home.  Would you change your opinion if the castration candidates were viewing the images  of you publicly?  Would it then qualify as a “major”vice,  bitch?

How this woman has gotten through her life without one piece of empathy for others is beyond me.  I think the definition of that is sociopath, is it not?

I think we as a society go overboard on a lot of things.  I think that we have become oversensitive on many issues and have become very good at finding things to complain about.  This is NOT one of those things.

God help the person who EVER tries to take advantage of my daughter.  God help ME for what I would do to them.

Shame on you Macleans magazine for allowing this sort of bullshit to have a voice.  You have given a forum to the perpetrators, and allowed them to feel validated in their horrendous behavior.   Fuck Free Speech.  Seriously.  And Fuck Barbara Amiel.

And fuck rapists and child abusers everywhere.  And fuck this world we live in.

Say it with me. ” We will not tolerate this for one more second of one more day.”

And here endeth Losing My Shit Wednesday.