Children: Her Biggest Mistake.

by Cookie

So most of you know that I love daytime talk shows.  Dr.Phil is my guilty pleasure, and I am still mourning the loss of Oprah.  Sometimes it’s just total garbage, but sometimes the subject hits a nerve.

Yesterday, Dr.Phil had a young couple on who had suffered a miscarriage, a stillbirth, followed by the death of of their 5 month old son.  Horrible.  Devastating.  How could so many heartbreaking events plague one family?  And you watch this show, feeling your own heart break a little every time you see the parent’s faces.  Because as parent, you know that your child is the single most important thing that will ever come into your life.

As a parent, your purpose is to protect your little ones.  And you do it every day out of love, sometimes out of fear, sometimes out of guilt.  But your priority lies with them.   They have become your oxygen.

And then there is this.  Read this.

This British woman has publicly declared, at the age of 57, that having children was the biggest mistake of her life.  She describes them as parasites.  She describes knowing when her son was 5 days old that she never should have had a baby.

So what did she do?  She went through the motions of motherhood, resenting the child the whole time.  Oh.  Yeah.  And she had another child.

What a fucking bitch.  Talk about hot on my titties.

I’m going to be real short about this today, and turn the rant over to you all.

But I will say this.  First of all, If someone knows at 5 days old that they do not want to have this child in their life, why not consider adoption?  I just can’t imagine how hard some loving couples try to find their baby; and then shit like this happens.  There is someone out there who would have loved that baby.  And that baby deserved as much.

Second of all.  Birth control.  Find it.  Use it.

Third of all.  Therapist.  Find one, see one.  Obviously she is not very concerned with making her now adult kids feel like shit by publicly declaring a lack of love for them.  Why would you write a newspaper article about something so devastating and so private?  Did they need to find this out as the entire world did?  She obviously believes that she can’t help the way she feels, but she can help the way she acts.

And even if she doesn’t have love for her children as her children,  she should at least try a little compassion for them as human beings.

I seriously would like to slap this woman in the face and say how could you?  When there are so many parents out there that experience loss and pain and fight their grief every day.  And how it literally destroys some people’s marriages and lives.

And this woman resents her kids because she missed the enjoyment of her own company?  Well enjoy it now, motherfucker.  Because I’m pretty sure that’s all the company you deserve.

Happy Hot on the Titties Friday, Bitches.