Birthday Love

by Cookie

I had this story all geared up for you about the Destroyer and her music concert, but it will have to wait until tomorrow.  Because today is a special day.

Today is Husband’s birthday.  I am absolutely not going to tell you all his age, because he hates to think about that.  Let’s just say it’s the perfect age to have a couple of grays in his dark hair and its fucking hot.  He doesn’t believe me, but it is.

It’s funny how different your birthday celebrations become over the years.  I remember his first birthday that we were together.  We went to some lame rave with his Bestie, and I did a few too many drugs.  Somehow, I managed to lose Husband, Bestie, my purse, my shoes and had no idea where we had parked the car.  I ended up hanging out with a glowstick and a group of Italian guys from a downtown bar who gave me cigarettes to smoke.  Finally some pretty, helpful Gay piggy backed me around the parking lot until I found Husband ( then Boyfriend) and Bestie in the car.  Not so much of a celebration, eh?  At least not until the next day when I was ready for the biggest pig out that ever was.

After those days were behind us, birthdays usually consisted of meeting up with friends for drinks and or dinner.  Making the family rounds and having presents and food done up in his honor.

Now that we have kids, it’s become even more low key.  We have dinner in a lot.  Sometimes I’ll set something up at a restaurant in the afternoon so all the kids can come.  But honestly, it’s like we’re so tired celebrating our kids all the time that we forget to celebrate ourselves once in a while.

So I am going to celebrate Husband now.  Which he might hate, because he doesn’t really like to be the center of attention.  But that’s what you get for getting older, and having sexy gray hair.

I am celebrating the fact that despite knowing he married a spitfire who can usually take care of herself, he always tries to be protective of me.  Knowing that if I have a weak moment, he will be there to take over.  I have watched this extend to our daughter, and to our unborn son.  I am celebrating knowing that my children and  I are everything to someone.

I am celebrating having a partner who believes I can do anything.  That he trusts me to know my limitations and to push them without breaking them.  I love having partner who supports my decisions and helps me deal with the consequences of them.

I am celebrating a selfless, loyal man.  Someone who puts other people’s needs ahead of his own, and never walks away from a friend.

I am celebrating having a partner that is my friend.  Someone that I can do friend things with.  Not that the sexy stuff isn’t important, but at the end of the day we can just hang out.  That’s cool, you know.  Especially as all of your bits start to droop.

I am celebrating a great father.  There is no question of equal parenting.  Watching Destroyer and Daddy together almost makes me jealous.  They are that tight.

I am celebrating having someone to make my way with.  Knowing that I have a partner who will accompany me through life, sorting out all the bullshit together.

I am celebrating the fact that despite being very different, we want the same things.   Despsite crashing into each other over those differences, we have come out the other side more resilient and more in love.

So anyway, I guess I just wanted to take some time to tell you all about him, because I spend a lot of time talking about myself, and Destroyer, and Little Buddy.  But he is paramount to all of that.  We don’t work without him.

So Happy Birthday, Husband.   We love you.

And I guess this means we have to go present shopping now.  I never said I was organized.