Slutty, Slutty Merida

by Cookie

Oh Disney.  You controversial, slut making company.  How dare you make your heroine doe eyed and begging for sex.  How dare you make a character’s look unattainable and make young girls feel inadequate.

Cause no one else ever does.  And none of the other Disney characters are so unbelievably unreal.

Seriously.  Are we even talking about this?  I guess we are.  Because on a Tuesday morning, when skimming through the news stories on the web, this bullshit has been plaguing my screen for days now.  And what I really want to know is why in the hell do people give a shit?

Merida.  Oh Merida.  How dare you get a makeover.  I cannot believe you brushed your hair and put on a new dress and lost a few pounds for a skinnier waist.  For reals?  Has anybody ever turned on the television before?  There are probably half a dozen makeover shows on tv as we speak.   Should we call out the makers of those shows for allowing women to feel beautiful?

Should we ban the sale of cosmetics, and nice clothes and be proper role models for our children?  Just someone please give me a fucking break.  Please.


It’s a story.  She’s not real.  She’s not a role model for you daughter and her self esteem.  YOU ARE.

Little girls like to watch pretty princesses and cartoon characters on tv.  Watching Ariel and Princess Jasmine and Cinderella did not skew my perception of myself.  And PS, no one bitched when Cinderella’s fairy godmother came along and cleaned her up so that the Prince would marry her.

My point is this.  Every one who has hot titties about this keeps wailing ” Oh but Merida was a role models with her bow and arrow and down to earth looks”  Here’s a newsflash.  Merida is not a role model for your child.

If you are relying on cartoon characters to provide role models for your children, I suggest you dust off your parenting skills and reassess the people in your child’s life.

I don’t even know why I am blogging about this today.  I totally don’t give a shit about Merida and her new slutty outfit.  They could get every prince from every Disney movie ever made and make a Merida gangbang out of it, and I still wouldn’t care.  Because it’s a cartoon. And if I want to watch it, I will.  If the gangbang offends me, I’ll likely turn it off and not allow my child to watch.

Fuck people, give your head a couple of shakes and take a shot of rum.  And chill the fuck out.

And if the only thing you have to worry about in your life this morning is Merida’s new clothes, consider yourself lucky and get on with your day.

Rant over.