Why Rich People Are Assholes

by Cookie



From time to time some of my fellow bloggers bless me with these blogging awards.  What’s nice about them is that it means someone out there is reading my thoughts in a different part of the world, even, and appreciates the shit that comes out of my head.  They forgive my colorful vocabulary and engage in debating the subject of the day, or absorbing whatever hormone induced sappy feelings are leaking.

So thank you to tric at my thoughts on a page for recognizing me last week.  The truth is I’m too pregnant and lazy to make another list of 7 random things about myself, but I appreciate her and you should go and check out her thoughts.  Who doesn’t love Irish people?

And now to Amber, at Journey into the Spectrum who gave me this:


You should pop over to her blog too sometime.  She is one of my blogging besties, and has a hilarious son who gives her endless material to write about.  She also really, really likes Mexicans.  In the bedroom.  In the kitchen.  Pretty much anywhere.

So she has to nominate two favourite bloggers.  (Thanks, Texas), and ask them a question.  Then I must do the same.

She asked me this:

If you could have just one wish -and it can’t be for more wishes, smarty pants, then what would it be?

Ahh.  Now that the housekeeping details are out of the way, we come to the meat of the post.

I thought about this one good and hard.  I thought about how to be clever and funny and all that, but really, it comes down to money.

I would absolutely, without question wish to be disgustingly, filthy, whoreishly rich.  So rich that there would always be more money as soon as I spent any.  But I would ask to made rich without becoming an asshole.  Because I think money does that to people sometimes.

And why do you think that is?  Because unfortunately, money is power.  And when someone becomes unexpectedly powerful, their asshole gene get turned on in a big hurry.  It’s like you are no longer accountable to anyone, so you just do as you please and disregard the feelings of anyone else.  It’s not like you’ll need them for any backup anyway, right?

You know why else rich people are assholes?  Because greediness is a disease.  Some people can manage it by being generous with what they have and becoming philanthropists,  but they are one major stock market collapse away from becoming an asshole too.  When you have more, you want more.  Having less than what you have right now is terrifying, even if your “less than” is millions of times bigger than most peoples’ “greater than”.

And having money means you don’t have to work as hard for everything you get.  Since you can just buy it or hire someone to do it for you.  But you know how vegetables you grow yourself always taste better?  It’s because hard work sweetens the reward.

So yeah.  My wish would be to be rich without becoming an asshole.

Now what do I want to know about my fellow bloggers?

If you had to choose between being deaf and being blind, which would you choose and why?

And my nominees are:

My Life is the Best Life.  She is fucking awesome beyond awesome so I am adding her in as #1 of 3 choices instead of 2, because her blog has been quiet as she wrangles a twee baby and a toddler, so she probably won’t get to this.  But you should read her stuff.  For reals.

Marriage, Motherhood and Madness.  One of my newest buddies.  She has two sons who like to burst in on her in the shower and spew nonsense at her.  One day, she will learn the phrase “get the fuck out of here” and maybe have less to write about.  Until then, read on.

Here’s to A Boring Year.  She’s an Aussie, and told me she loved me on our first blog date.  She has been through unimaginably hard times with an ill wee one, and still manages to have a sense of humor.  Read this.

Happy Thursday, bitches.