Pregnant? Just Don’t Fuck It Up, Or We’ll Throw You In Jail.

by Cookie

Happy Hot on The Titties Friday. Today’s topic is brought to you by my none other than my bestie, who keeps my well from running dry.  She actually is the source of many of these discussions, because we have complete polar opposite opinions about almost everything.  And yet somehow, conservative, hardcore me, and communist, hippie her are pretty much in love.

But today, I think we have found some common ground when she went and posted this piece of utter bullshit on my Facebook wall.  Before I explain and comment on the article, I want to know if having shit for brains is a requirement to hold office in the Mississippi government?  Or do they just hate women?

So.  There are some people in Fucktard Land Mississippi who think that women should be held criminally responsible in some instances of stillbirth and miscarriage.  Yes.  you read that right.  I did not make that up.

In this case, a woman was a drug addict and went into premature labour.  The baby did not survive.  Now she is facing jail time.

So here’s my opinion:

1. This woman is an addict.  Addiction is recognized as a disease in North America.  It is something that we seek treatment for and is treated both medically and cognitively.  So now her child has died as a result of her not seeking treatment.  What’s next?  Someone who does not seek treatment for cancer while pregnant will also be prosecuted should their baby die or miscarry?

2. This woman took drugs that are known to harmful to the fetus.  She should have known better, and against any sound medical advice chose to put this into her body.  Well.  What about the woman who eats a corned beef sandwich and forgets to microwave it first?  She then gets listeriosis, and the baby dies.  Is she eligible for prosecution as well?  For her negligent behaviour?

3.  I am walking up the stairs, on the phone and not watching where I’m going and trip over my toddler’s lego.  I fall down the stairs and miscarry.  Am I now criminally negligent as well?

Do you see the slippery slope this is?

Further to this, I can tell you that being pregnant is completely overwhelming.  Every where you turn for information, there is some sort of debate or conflicting argument. You have to weigh all the arguments and make the best decision possible according to what you have access to.  And with every choice you make, you pray it is the right one.  Because the only thing that matters to you is giving your child the best chance possible.

I mean, not that I’m advocating drug use in pregnancy, but there’s a lot of babies born to addicts that come our perfectly healthy, and a lot of babies born to mothers who do everything right and still lose their child.

And lastly, as stated in this article, it is very difficult for doctors to determine exact causes of miscarriage and stillbirth.  So how could you ever be certain of what caused the death to begin with?  It could be completely unrelated to anything the mother did or didn’t do.

I have friends who have suffered countless miscarriages.  Heartbreak after heartbreak.  Devastating loss when all they want is to become a parent.  Their doctors have no answers for them except to try again.  And now some asshole in Mississippi wants to add to a woman’s torment by threatening prosecution?  Fuck that.

If a man ever had to be pregnant, he would get full paid leave from work for the entire pregnancy, a home health care aid and a couple of manservants to play with while he gestated.  But us woman?  Keep up with all normal parts of your routine, and if you fuck it up, we’ll throw you in jail.

So much for progress.