The Time That Bitch Took Candy From A Baby

by Cookie

People just love to stir things up.  And I love it when they do.  Seriously,  Life would be uninteresting and blah if we didn’t have shit disturbers among us.

That’s what art and music is for.  As a teacher, I always try to explain this to my students.  It’s not just about getting the right notes, and the right articulations.  It’s not just about perfect diction and beautiful legato and correct vowel placement.  These things are important and necessary, but they are merely the tools we use to make the piece musical.  Art and music were invented to illicit a response from the audience.  To make someone feel something.

So, from a musician’s perspective, any sort of emotional response from your audience  is success.  It means you have used good technique to tell a story through notes or lyrics or musical phrasing that made someone feel emotional or angry or nostalgic.  That is art, that is music.  That is purposeful.

Otherwise, why would anyone pay attention?  Why would there be different genres of music or art?  Different styles or images or sounds affect us all in unique ways, and that is the beauty of it.

There is no such thing as a poor response when someone reacts to something you create.

So.   Can you all take a look at this website, and these photographs by Jill Greenberg?

The concept for the exhibit/photoshoot that she did was to give a child a lollipop, and then promptly take it away, causing the child to cry.  She then captures the reaction.

And of course, the results have been mixed.

Oh this horrible bitch and these shitty parents allowing their child to suffer……

She took a lollipop away, she didn’t fucking throw them down a flight of stairs.  Please calm down. I take things away from Destroyer all the time.  And the other day, when she was super excited about the fact that all three dogs had tails, I asked her where her tail was.  When she looked a little confused upon checking for it, I prodded her a little bit, just to see what would happen.  “Didn’t you get a tail too, honey?  Where’s your tail?”  And the expression on her face was so heartbreakingly cute.  I teased her a little bit, yes, but not maliciously.  I was just curious to see how she would deal with the reality of being different from her companions.

Anyway, I’m getting slightly off topic.  The pictures captured by this photographer’s “experiment”, are, in my opinion, absolutely gorgeous.  They are raw.  They are real.  They capture completely sincere emotion and innocence.  And I loved every single one of them.  It made me want to hug my daughter tight, and not because some horrible injustice had been done to these kids.  But because it reminds me how honest and real kids are about everything.  How they are able to lay it out on the line for you without any guarded bullshit.  They own their emotions, and some of us adults could learn from this innocence.

So, whether or not you agree with this Jill Greenberg’s tactics, I applaud her as an artist.  She has poked the bear….and the parental bear is a brave one indeed, and made some noteworthy and beautiful art.

And as a parent, if you only get stuck in the debate about scarring the child for life, blah blah blah, relax.  I’m sure that not one of these kids is going to need psychotherapy over this photoshoot.  Let it go, and appreciate the beauty she has captured in these children.