Yet Another Breastfeeding Controversy

by Cookie

There is this wonderful Facebook page called Birth Without Fear.  It contains a lot of really inspiring stories about childbirth and childrearing.  It supports the different choices all parents make and encourages us to seek, find and execute the solutions that best fit our lives.  Their blog, has a lot of useful information for whatever birth method you are planning.

One of the things I look forward to when visiting their page and blog is the beautiful images that they display.  They show those intimate first moments between mother and child.  They display uncensored imagery of the pain and love and incomparable expressions in the face of a labouring woman.  Photographs of women breastfeeding their child in those first moments.

The page also has pictures of children and their reactions to what they see.  And kids copy what they see.  So a couple of days ago, there was a beautiful photo of a toddler, shirtless, pretending to breastfeed a doll.

And Facebook fucking removed the picture.  When they re-posted it, one of the admins got a 3 day ban.  Ummm, is that like getting grounded for looking at your father’s porn collection?

So yesterday, I wrote a post about art and music, and how any reaction elicited is success, because that is what art is supposed to do.  Make people feel something strong enough to react.

And I first I thought that maybe I was wrong.  That a reaction like censorship isn’t a worthy reaction.  But in the end, it kind of is.

First of all, I cannot believe that this content was deemed offensive and removed.  You can curse and swear and call women bitches with memes.  You can post graphic images from war or news articles.  Girls post half naked, drunk pictures of themselves  and that’s ok. You can blatantly support any sort of questionably immoral actions and that’s ok.  That’s freedom of speech.  But a beautiful, professional photo of a toddler nursing a dolly?


But here is the good news.  In my opinion, Facebook’s reaction to this situation (and in general to pictures of women breastfeeding their child) is in itself grossly inappropriate.  And as they continue down this road, women will continue to get angry, and once enough people are angry, more people become aware. Through awareness we get change.  And change is what is needed here.

This isn’t about breastfeeding for me.  I’ve posted about public breastfeeding before, and while you all know that it may not be the choice I make, it needs to be a choice that is available. This is about freedom of speech.  This is about the right to share what information I feel comfortable on my social media page.  A page that is accessible by people I choose, and who choose to “follow” me.  Guess what?  Someone who doesn’t want to read about childbirth and breastfeeding and see these photos doesn’t have to visit Birth Without Fear’s page.

But I sure have to sit through another beer commercial with a chick in daisy dukes with fake tits shooting pool with some douchebag.  ( Not that I am particularly offended by this either, but you get my point).

So welcome to Fuck You Thursday, Facebook.  Your choices here need revision, your heads need shaking, and your attitude needs changing.

And here’s some more pictures to add to your FuckYou Pie: Does this offend you too?
Does this offend you too?  How about this?
How about this?

So.  I think we should all find naked titty pictures and post them ALL OVER our Facebook pages tomorrow in protest.  Instead of Hot on the Titties Friday, it will be Titties ALL OVER FACEBOOK Friday.