Put Down Your Mops

by Cookie



This is going to be a quick rant today.  Hold on to your saddles, kids.

Read this quick article from msn.com

Dear Feminists,

The use of the Rosie image from the beloved “We Can Do It” wartime poster does not slight women.  It does not take away any of the progress women have made in the work force since World War II.  It’s a fucking advertisement for mops.

And I don’t know about you, but from time to time, I (GASP) mop my floor despite the fact that I:

1. Am a woman.

2. Have a husband.

3. Have a job.

4. Could afford a weekly cleaning service.

And when I mop my floor, I often (HOLY SHIT NO!) wear a do-rag or bandana on my head because it keeps my fucking hair out of my fucking face and I find it comfortable.  It does not make me feel:

1. opressed

2. like feminism has done nothing for me.

So Swiffer is totally genius, right?  Because now all the girls who feel like they need to fight for their rights (and some legitimately still do) have their panties in giant knots over this ad. Which is giving it the attention Swiffer wants. (As all truly great stars know, there is no such thing as bad publicity) Is it suggesting that a woman’s role is back in the home, mopping floors?  That the war is over so you can toddle your pretty little head back to the homestead where you belong to raise the children and mop the floors?

No.  I think Swiffer is facetiously pointing out that despite all the progress society has made in terms of women being equally important and contributing to the workplace, that the floors still need to get mopped.

Maybe we should all just put our bras back on and realize that we’ve made our life harder by entering the work force.  Because after work, you still have to come home and put your do-rag and sweats on and clean the fucking house.  So now, we have two full time jobs.  Super.

So thank you feminists for proving that women can, in fact do it all.  Because now we have to to.  And I, quite frankly am finding it exhausting.

Does this make me a sexist?

I hope not.  Because I actually do like finding a balance between work and family life.  But seriously, girls, not everything is an attempt to regress societal progress.  Not every image is an attack on people with vaginas.

So put your bras back on, douse the fire and move on.  Christ.


A Feminist Realist