What Does The “N” Stand For In Mac “N” Cheese, Paula Deen?

by Cookie

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Has anyone out there been paying attention to the whole Paula Deen mess?  Does anyone out there really care about what she thinks or says unless it’s how to make fried chicken?

I don’t want to make light of racism.  Because deep down, I truly believe that we are all equal, and if we could find a way to just stop making it matter, well, it just wouldn’t matter.  Maybe I just can’t fully understand how the colour of someone’s skin can make an actual difference in their importance and worth.  It makes no sense to me.

But I don’t know how to make race not matter.  I can’t erase hundreds or thousands of years of persecution.  I can’t erase the suffering and segregation and cruelty that people have endured.

But Paula Deen used the “N” word, and all of a sudden people have their shit flying all over the place, and she is getting fired from every job and endorsement deal she ever had?  I’m not saying who cares, but really, it’s Paula Deen.  She is a southern girl brought up in southern fashion and she used racial terms and slurs in the past?  And this is supposed to surprise me how?

It’s not like she made some outrageous offensive statement recently. I t appears as though she was honest about something she said in the past which does not necessarily represent her feelings today.  Because when we know better, we do better.  Right?  It sounds like some assistant of hers got pissed off for some reason or another, and is now holding her personally accountable for behaviours of staff in her restaurants because she used a racial slur in the past.  Seriously.  If we all got sued and fired over something we said in the past, I would be so beyond fucked.  People say asshole things all the time.  There’s a stature of limitations on a lot of serious crimes out there, but there isn’t on bullshit things that come out your mouth?

Now.  Calm down.  The “N” word is offensive and awful and off limits.  Unless you are a rapper, apparently, but the context under which this is deemed appropriate will have to be explained to me some other time. So please pardon my ignorance.

Furthermore, while the restaurants are under her “brand”, I doubt that she has much to do with their day to day operations.  And I’m sure she has official policies in place about zero tolerance of racist or discriminatory or any other inappropriate behaviour.  Having said that, have any of you ever worked in a restaurant?  It is one giant sexual harassment lawsuit waiting to happen.  That is the culture.  We don’t behave ourselves very well.  Is it right? Probably not.  But no one reports it because everyone participates.  It’s banter, not criminal, in my opinion.  And it’s not the CEO’s job to micromanage those behaviours.  That would be impossible.

Anyway, I’m getting off topic.  The huge shocker that a southern belle may have been a racist.  Is she still?  Maybe.  Does it affect her mac and cheese recipe?  No.  Because she doesn’t call it “Hating All Black People Mac “N” Cheese”.  Unless, of course, that’s what the “N” stands for………

I just think that in terms of racism in the world, there are a whole lot bigger fish to fry other than stupid Paula Deen.