A Letter For My Daughter

by Cookie

Yesterday I wrote a letter to my son.  And today I will write one to my daughter.  I think this may be my last post until after Buddy is here.  It seems like a good place to take a rest and then come back to share the story of his entrance with the world.

Dear Twee Destroyer of Hearts,

As I wrote to your little brother to be yesterday, things are about to change. You have spent the last two years delighting us and teaching us and not having to share your spotlight.  And now, as we wait the arrival of your Buddy, that spotlight is going to widen and be shared.  But I want you to know that your light is so very bright that it will never go unnoticed.  Ever.

We will still have those moments together, just you and me.  Or just you and Daddy.  You will be as important to us and special as the day that you were born, always.

You see, you changed us.  The moment that you were born my vision and philosophy changed. My perspective changed.  I’ve talked a lot about how you changed my perception and made me believe that there is hope in this shitty world. You have this amazing ability to make me look at the crazy things and just laugh.

You put patches over all of those pieces of my heart that had defects.  You showed me what true love really is.  You helped me learn to be patient and to do things through kindness, not frustration.  You made me better at everything I do.

And you will continue to do this.  Because you are special.  You always were, and always will be.

I feel guilty for cutting our time together short.  I feel like you deserve to have my undivided attention forever.  But I know that you have this ability to make people love you, and I suspect that you will expand my heart and yours to welcome Buddy.

It might get a little bumpy for a while, but we’re in this together.  And we can figure this shit out.

I love you.