Two Years

by Cookie


Today we celebrate the arrival of our Twee Destroyer.  The one I credit with changing me so completely that sometimes I barely recognize the woman I’ve become over the last two years.  Two years ago, my journey into parenthood began with a dramatic entry.

My labour with her was only 8 hours, and at about 4 hours in, we went to the hospital with contractions 2-3 minutes apart.  Only to be sent home.  Of course we were back very shortly after they got rid of us, with my water broken and her head crowning.  15 minutes of pushing for a posterior baby and she flew on out.

As an infant, she was stuck with terribly inexperienced parents who had their heads pretty much shoved in their own asses for the first three months or so.  She screamed a lot.  I remember having the damn stroller in the house, rocking it back and forth when I just couldn’t walk anymore.  There were some nights where I would sit alone in the dark after she had finally fallen asleep and drank straight gin.  No ice. No mix.  I needed to feel the burn.  Don’t judge me, didn’t you know that coping is actually spelled a-l-c-o-h-o-l?

And then there was the puking.  She has always been a puker, and still sort of is.  I remember the first time we saw it.  She was maybe two weeks old and I was feeding her in the living room.  When I went to burp her, it fountained over the coffee table and on the the floor in front of the tv.  We were like, do babies do this?  Is this a thing?  It was for her.  She puked if she ate too fast, burped too hard, got too mad.

And there were so many times where we would get told something by our doctor, or read an article or whatever, and just go “whoops”.  But she seems to have survived the worst.

And along the way, through all the screaming and puking, we were constantly delighted by this little being we had created.  Because she was delightful.  IS delightful.  We loved every milestone she met, every smile and laugh and funny thing she did.

Through all of our screw ups, she has turned into a loving, gentle, social, perceptive, beautiful little girl.  And it’s hard for me to call her a girl, because she still feels like my baby.  And it doesn’t seem fair that being a baby is over for her already.  It doesn’t seem fair that two years have passed and I already wonder where time has gone.

I’m proud of the child she is becoming.  And I wish her all the love and happiness in the world on her birthday today, and for always.

Happy Birthday, Baby.