HOTTF: No Best Friends Allowed

by Cookie

Okay.  So I just watched some stupid “news” blurb video on about weird things that schools have banned.  Most of it was pretty silly.  Banning bracelets because they distract kids during class, Uggs because kids hide their cellphones in their boots.

Kids have cellphones now?  Can I get a what the fuck?

Anyway, the above problem is easily rectified by reintroducing school uniforms.  Kids can still express their individuality at home or with a hair cut.  But if schools want to solve their problems with shit like Uggs and bracelets, they should develop and enforce a strict dress code or uniform.  The End.

Then there was mention of a school that banned dogdeball because it allowed kids to be targeted and bullied.  Of course contact sports like football and hockey are fine, because its okay to beat the shit out of each other if you’re wearing equipment.  And if its just part of the game.  But not with dodgeball.  That steps over the line.


But here’s the real kicker. A school in the UK has banned best friends.  Yes.  Don’t rub your eyes, bitches.  You did in fact read that right.

I’m sorry, but didn’t we just ban dodgeball as an act in the war on bullying?  So I have an idea, let’s ban close friendships and not allow children to form peer groups.   Doesn’t having a good group of friends who are willing to stick up for you part of the preventative medicine for bullying?  I think a child is much less likely to be bullied when they have a tight group of friends about them.  Or did I miss something?

The school is apparently concerned that having “BFFs” encourages clicks.  So what?  Different people have different interests.


But what I do get is this:  Kids have always been mean.  They pick on kids who are easy targets.  And if you have your friends around you, you’re not an easy target.  I never ever once got bullied when I was with my friends, but when I was alone or the outsider in an environment, the vultures descended.

Of course then I also grew up and bought some big girl panties and nobody ever tried to bully me again.  But that’s a whole other post.

The other reason the school doesn’t allow BFFs is because the fights that may occur between the children is too traumatizing and emotionally difficult.  Seriously?  THIS is how we are teaching our children to resolve conflict?  Avoid it?  Don’t build meaningful relationships because you might have an argument?

And we wonder why the divorce rate in the Western world is so high.  We don’t know how to resolve anything anymore.

The world is seriously going to shit.  No wonder I drink.  People are fucking retarded.  And by people, I mean the ones in charge of shit.

Happy Hot on The Titties.