Pissy Panties

by Cookie

www.pottytime.com Do you think these would help?

Do you think these would help?

I just want to briefly complain.  You should all be used to it by now, right?

Potty training is hard.  It’s confusing and everything smells like pee.   We’ve been doing it for like a whole day now and she still doesn’t know how to tell us before she pees.

But she’s gotten really good at telling us after she pisses herself.  Because she’s helpful like that.

So I went out and bought the cute big girl panties.  She saw them, and was excited to put them on.  So we sit on the potty every half hour or so.  And with the exception of one time,  ONE TIME, sShe would do absolutely nothing on the pot and the second we take her off?  Pissy panties.

I’m sorry, but has someone been giving her beer to drink?  Who the hell goes pee that often unless they’re drinking beer or tequila paralyzers?  WHO?

I know, I know.  Let her run around naked for a few days, blah blah blah.  But bitches, I have furniture.  And carpet downstairs.  And then instead of little wet bum spots we’ll have puddles. And then the dogs will think its ok. And then I’ll be potty training all four of them.

Maybe I should just teach her to go outside with the dogs.  She does everything else like them anyway.  I’d save on diapers AND my water bill.

Whatever.  We’re going to the zoo today.  Someone will be wearing diapers for sure, because no fucking way am I dealing with pissy panties at the zoo.  I’ve got monkeys to watch and goats to play with.

So much for consistency.