Forget The Child, Save The Culture

by Cookie

It’s not Friday. It’s not Friday.

I know.  But I cannot let this go.  I cannot.

Here’s the link that got my heart beating and my titties burning.

There is a young boy in Manitoba who has been placed in foster care.  The child is 25% Metis, as well as a mix of European heritages.  He has been living with a Filipino family for two years in foster care and has grown to love them and recognize them as his parents.  His birth mother is supportive of the relationship and wishes him to stay where he is.

With me so far?  Does it seem like a no-brainer about where this child should reside?

But no.  Because agencies and government and people who generally don’t fucking listen or see what is directly in front of them have decided that he would be better off in a Metis family, in a culturally acceptable environment.

Are you fucking kidding me?

This comes from a concern about the multitude of Metis and Aboriginal children adopted to Caucasian families in the 1960’s.  And when those children grew up, they felt like they had no cultural identity.  There is a concern of cultural genocide.

So the government’s answer is to make a blanket statement to rip children out of stable, loving homes against the wishes of his current caregivers and biological family to right what was wronged?  In a blanket act of preserving a culture?

How come the only culturally recognizable part of him is the Metis one?  Perhaps they should send him to Holland to prevent him from losing his Dutch heritage as well.

This is such fucking bullshit I can’t even believe it exists.  There doesn’t seem to be much concern or consideration given to what’s in the best interest of the child, because we must at apparently all costs preserve the culture.

I think the problem is that someone is failing to see the forest for the trees here.  This child is obviously in a good place.  His foster (and would-be adoptive) parents seem to love him very much.  Would it not make sense to allow him to stay where he is and expose and give him access to all the culturally appropriate programs as he gets older?  To give him contact with his birth family as he so chooses?  To learn to appreciate all of his heritage, including but not limited to his Metis side?

And here’s the other thing.  We want to abolish racism and segregation.  But yet we keep perpetuating it.  It goes the other way too.  An Asian or Black couple would never be given a white baby to adopt, no matter how much they would love and provide for the child.

There is a lot of bullshit statements out there like “there is only one race, the Human Race”.  And you know why it’s bullshit?  Because nobody actually believes it.  We continue to segregate ourselves based on the color of our skin, the religions we practice and the countries our ancestors were born in.   This is no different, in my opinion. We are teaching him that race matters, where as this child only knows right now that he feels safe and loved where he is.

It’s not his job to save the culture that makes up 25% of his genetic code.  The only job he was born with was to grow and learn and laugh and love.

He can get a job later and save the world.  But he’ll have a better chance of doing that if he comes from a stable environment, whether it be Metis, Dutch, Filipino.