HOTTF: The Blame Game

by Cookie

I guess it’s time for a Hot on the Titties post.  Right?  One of my most loyal “fans” posted this to my Facebook page this morning, in hopes that I would blog about it this morning.

I sure am.

In all fairness, you really should watch the clip.  Its’ pretty funny, and anything with Samuel L. Jackson is pretty on point.  But if you don’t, here’s the Cole’s Notes version:  A bunch of parents come up to the actor to congratulate him on his great work, and then proceed to blame him for all the stupid shit their children do.  He eventually freaks out and tells them to check the ratings, explaining to them their role as a parent.  You know, the usual common sense solution that seems so difficult to reach.

So here’s my rant.

We seem to either have parents who are so far up their kid’s asses that the children are completely unable to do anything for themselves, or parents who seem so detached that teaching the basics is everybody elses job but theirs.

Either way, the next generation is gearing up to be pretty fucking useless, unless we take a good look at ourselves.  There is a shitload of information out there.  “Do this”.  “Don’t do that.”  “Research shows”  Everybody wants their kid to do well, get an education.  Become a doctor.  Support their parents in old age.

Ok.  That last part is just me.  But you get where I’m going.

Parenting has become so fucking complicated that our kids are suffering due to our lack of common sense.  Samuel L Jackson’s video nails it.  If you’re worried about the negative impact his character may have on your child, don’t let your kid watch it. 


Forget the research.  Trust your gut.  You have instincts, follow them.  But above all, pay attention.

And follow a few simple guidelines:

1.  It is NOT your child’s teacher’s job to teach your kid to tie their shoes.  It’s yours.

2. It is NOT your child’s teacher’s job to teach your kid not to pick their nose.  It’s yours.

3. It is NOT the movie character’s job to display the type of behavior you want to model. It’s yours.

4. It is NOT your job to make your kid a sandwich, do their laundry, or wipe their ass permanently.  It’s theirs.  But it is your job to teach them how to do these things at some point.

5.  it is NOT your job to pay for everything forever.  Teach them to work for what they have from a young age.  And they probably won’t learn how to do that from a movie either.

And most importantly, turn the fucking screens off.  So that when they act like assholes, you know who to blame.

And you’ll also be able to fix it.

Right?   Happy Friday, Bitches.