What’s Your Excuse?

by Cookie

Ok.  THIS.


Did you read it, Bitches?  Or more importantly, did you look at the picture?

Maria Kang originally posted this picture to her Facebook page.  She looks good.  She works hard.  Good for her.  NO problems, right?

But there is a problem.  It’s the caption that woman are pissed about.  “What’s your excuse?”  is a tad accusatory, inflammatory, and condescending, no?

Personally, I could give a shit what she thinks or does or says.  There are countless Mommy pages out there that celebrate our stretch marks and loose skin and postpartum jelly bellies.  They try to inspire us to love the battle scars we’ve earned through motherhood. Part of me really, really does.   The other part of me wants to book a tummy tuck, stat.  Because there are not enough sit ups in the world to fix what Buddy did to my belly.  Maybe I’ll withhold his allowance until the surgery is complete.

I think that’s where some women are getting pissy.  There ARE, no matter how hard you work, some irrevocable changes that happen to your body once you bear children.  And I think that some girls have a hard time with that.  And then some sexy bitch goes and throws it in your face, right?

The other thing is this.  We all have something we’re good at.  Something we work hard at every day.  Something we’re proud of.  But we don’t necessarily show it off in the manner that Ms. Kang does.  I don’t post daily videos of myself hitting stratospheric high notes all in the hopes that it “inspires” you to work hard.  Because a big part of posting it, if we’re being honest with ourselves, is to show off.

And whether or not this woman wants to admit it or not, she’s showing off.

So ladies.  Decide if you want to dedicate yourself to fitness or music or underwater basket weaving or whatever.  But don’t let some show off ruin your self esteem.  She is not actually concerned with yours.  In my opinion she is simply trying to validate the things she has worked hard for, and she is one  of those people who needs the approval of others to find that validation.

And who the fuck cares what your excuse is?  You don’t owe anybody anything.  Be healthy for you. For your children.  Love your own guts.  Accept your loose skin.  And if that picture of the super fit Mommy of three offends you, don’t look.

And fuck her.   Just a little bit.  Right?