Anti-Vaccination Disorder Fact Sheet

by Cookie Meet our resident "expert".
Meet our resident “expert”.

Anti-Vaccination Disorder:

I have spent hours and hours researching the topic of the dangers of not vaccinating your children.  It turns out that besides the risk of  allowing once eradicated diseases to reappear, besides the risk of serious illness or death to occur in your child or in mine,  besides the problem with a herd immunity that no longer protects the already seriously ill or immunocompromised people out there who cannot receive vaccinations…

Besides all of that, my research has “proven” that their is another unexpected danger lurking for the parents who don’t vaccinate their children.


It’s seems to be unclear at the moment,( pending further investigation), whether or not the stupidity is caused by ignorance, fear-mongering, Jenny McCarthy, Wakefield’s bogus study, or the truth found on the internet.  However, the statistics posted on several health related websites that show how immunizations have protected us against these childhood diseases suggest that the new epidemic of stupidity is widespread and growing at an alarming rate.

My research suggests that a combination of these factors, as well as a link to a genetic predisposition for idiocy could be responsible for the idea that vaccinations are not necessary and detrimental to our health.

Symptoms include:

Believing everything you read on the internet, no matter the author.

Trusting sensationalized, ratings hungry news networks to deliver unbiased information.

Assuming that there is a grand conspiracy in the world wishing that we raise a generation of sick or dependant children.

Assuming that your internet research is worth more than a medical professional’s educated opinion.

Assuming that your paediatrician or family doctor is in cahoots with big Pharma companies, because there’s obviously something in it for them to vaccinate and ruin your child.

Risking the lives of other people’s children because your truth has to be heard.

Taking bits of of misinformation from various “sources” and preaching it to other parents.

Allowing your own child to suffer through preventable diseases.

Saying the words “Jenny McCarthy” without rolling your eyes.

Assuming that if a medical treatment/drug/procedure has side effects, it is obviously no good.

Trying to convince other reasonable people to be un-reasonable.


It is possible that symptoms can be alleviated by limiting research to peer revised medical journals and other scholarly articles.  Frank conversations with your primary care physician and, if necessary, a follow up to a specialist in infectious disease may be useful.

Development of a stupidity vaccine seems unlikely, and also useless, since the irrational fear of vaccines seems to be a precursor to the disorder.


People with the stupidity disorder are likely to suffer chronically.  Although intense head shaking a face slapping have been traditional methods of getting them to snap out of it and begin a course of treatment, full recovery is unlikely.  Risk factors such as the Internet continue to be available and it’s widespread use leads to full blown disease.