Easter Babies

by Cookie



Oh Bitches.

It’s been quite a bit of time, hasn’t it?  I’ve missed this world, and am hoping to be returning on a regular basis.

My Buddy and Destroyer have been keeping me busy.  In all honestly, my Buddy has also been keeping me awake, which a big part of the reason I haven’t been around.  I hate to lay blame, but if the shoe fits……

On this Easter Monday, as we all pat our overfull bellies and try not to eat all the goodies left by that goddamn Bunny, I had this thought.

We tend to make holidays about family and celebration and food.  But I think, especially at Easter, we should remember it’s about love.

As commercial as this holidays has become ( like any other, for that matter), at its core it’s about love.  Jesus suffered, died, and rose for us because he was innocent and loved us unconditionally.  And we  humans are conduits of that love.

I know this because I have small children.  And they are living proof that selfless, all encompassing love truly does exist.  I know this because even when I am feeling psycho, and yelling, or am totally exhausted, I am loved by my tiny humans.  They love me more than I will ever be loved by anything else ever  in the rest of my existence.  Unconditionally.  Innocently.  Irrevocably.

So to anyone who has ever questioned how we all survive those hard moments of parenthood, and why we would ever go through it more than once, it’s because of this.  This feeling of being absolutely loved in return no matter how bad we fuck up.

Children are divine, I guess.  Even under all the yuck and crazy and ridiculous.


Happy Easter