People Suck: Monday Edition

by Cookie

So I read this article the other day.

It describes a lawsuit in which a woman, who hit and killed a teenage boy riding his bike, is now suing the family of the boy she killed.  She stated emotional trauma and post traumatic stress disorder blah blah blah blah.

I guess you can imagine which side of the argument I’m standing on.

Where the hell does this crazy bitch get off?

Yes.  You are suffering PTSD. NO shit, Sherlock.  You killed someone elses child in a horrible and tragic accident.  The guilt and trauma of that day will haunt you forever.

Part of the justification for this ridiculous piece of bullshit litigation is that she “is also a victim”.


So does that give her the right to further victimize this boys parents by suing them for a million dollars?  Tell me…..will that make her feel better about herself? The investigators concluded that there was nothing she could have done to avoid the accident.  Nothing. 

So my theory is that if she’s gonna feel guilt and trauma over something that was tragic and awful at least now she has a real reason to feel guilty.  Because now she is doing something selfish and cruel.

To me, guilt is not a valid response or feeling unless your actions have intent behind them.  Feeling guilt over things we cannot control is misplaced, but you should feel guilt over something you do to intentionally harm or hurt another person.

I get that she will never get over this.  But you know what, Lady?  You’re not the one who lost a child.

I don’t know if she has children of her own or not.  But I can tell her this:  Loving a child that you have birthed is love and devotion like no other thing on this Earth.  And the pain of having that child taken from you I can only imagine is the cruelest torture  someone could ever endure.

So I’m sure that the mother of the child that died is grateful of the reminder of her pain that you are giving her.  Because I’m sure it doesn’t haunt her every second of every day.

And yes.  I’m sorry that you too carry pain.  But let me go ahead and speak on this boy’s mother’s behalf when I say this:

You suck. You are a horrible person.  Not because of the accident that happened, but because of the choices you are making after.  You are cruel and selfish and mean.  You think you know pain?  Spend one second in the lives of these parents.  And then go fuck yourself.