Bestie the Bestest

by Cookie

Every once in a while, you come across a person who is your perfect match.  I’m not talking about romantically or sexually.  I’m talking about having a “person” in your life.  Sorta like Meredith and Christina, for all you Grey’s Anatomy folks out there.  Or more like Pam and Tara.  I’m pretty bitchy.

I’m super blessed to have a few people in my life that I feel this way about.  I have many good, dependable, funny, beautiful friends in my life that make me feel happy and safe and loved.  We have a lot of things in common that brought us together and meaningful friendships developed soon after.

And then there’s Bestie.  My Person.

And she stands out for a lot of reasons.  Because she’s honest.  Because she’s smart. And talented. And funny. And we like the same books. And she loves my children.  And I trust her to always do the right thing.

But partly, because on paper, it seems like we would be unlikely friends.

We are kinda opposite in a lot of things.  We disagree.  We fight about political issues, sometimes just for the sake of arguing.

She’s this crazy left wing almost communist artist, and I am an unusually right wing almost monarchist musician.  We fight a lot about poor people.  And Aboriginal issues.  ( or do I say natives or indigenous?)  Bestie?

But that’s kind of what makes us great friends.  She challenges me to think from a different perspective. She shares lot of cool things with me that always at least make me consider the alternatives.  She causes my opinion to sway a little sometimes.  She forces me to learn new things all the time.

It all boils down to this:  If there really was a zombie apocalypse, would I choose her to be on my team?  Abso-fucking-lutely.  And not only because she knows all this rad stuff about wilderness survival and what plants won’t kill me if I eat them.  Because I trust her to always have my back.  Because she does.  All the fucking time.

I hope I’d be as useful to her.  I’m not sure the zombies will care how much I verbally assault them when the end comes.  I guess I’d better get good at swinging a sword or something.

Anyway.  A shout out to Bestie today.  Cause she’s the bestest.