Measles Edition: One Week Later

by Cookie

So my usually pretty quiet blog has gone NUTS.  Nobody ever reads my stuff except my friends.  Because that’s kind of what this blog has always been about.

And then the wrong (right?) person shares my post on Facebook and all of a sudden I am an advocate and the mouthpiece for pro-vaccines.

Well, I’m not.  I’m just a parent who is trying to do the right thing for her children.  Hoping to protect them from unnecessary harm. I am educated, intelligent and hard working.  I read a lot.  And I say fuck a lot.  So get over it, Mary Fucking Poppinses.

This is my blanket response to some of the feedback I’ve received.  You are still all entitled to your opinion, and I enjoy a healthy debate, but last time I checked this is still MY personal forum.  So if you don’t like what I have to say, tough titties.

1.  I didn’t realize that all of us vaccinated people just use it as justification to not exercise and be healthy.  I guess that’s why we can’t wash our hands well enough to fight off AIRBORNE disease.  But ok.  I could probably hit the treadmill more often.

2. I don’t eat fast food.  Ever.

3. My kids have never even had an unscheduled doctor visit.  So I guess their immune system is doing ok.

4. Laws come into place in a democratic country after much debate to help keep all people safe.  Like seatbelts.  It may be your choice to wear them or not, but I’m sure if you are in an accident you’ll be glad someone made you do it.

5. The difference between the choice I’ve made and the choice you’ve made is that you are endangering many people around you.  There is risk in everything we do.  Every treatment comes with side effects.  Do you never take medication when you are ill?

6.  We grossly underestimate the dangers of the diseases we vaccinate against, and grossly overestimate the possible dangers of the vaccination.  Herd immunity is supposed to be in place for those who have a history of adverse reactions, or inability to immunize due to illness etc.

7.  There is more mercury in a can of tuna then present in a vaccination syringe.  So beware of tuna salad.  It’s a killer.

8. I have not only researched both sides of the debate, but I have worked on vaccine research and development, and in injectable therapy manufacturing.  So I AM informed and experienced in not only the theoretical science behind a vaccine, but in the manufacturing of them.  And there is NOTHING more regulated than an injectable drug.  When I had children I wanted to see why so many people rejected vaccinations.  And I believe it is exactly as you said.  They found something on the internet that told them vaccines are dangerous.  Despite the scientific info to the contrary.  In my opinion, it just didn’t hold any water.

9.  I no longer work in ANY sort of Bio-pharmaceutical field.  I couldn’t be farther removed from it.  So you can all shut your gaping mouths and quell your itchy fingers that are about to type about how I have some fucking ulterior motive.  There isn’t one.

10.  If I hear one more time about how good hand washing techniques will save the day, I am seriously going to be sick.  Is there actually one reasonable person our there who believes that this, in conjunction with exercise and eating organic food is responsible for the eradication of smallpox?  Because if there is, my work here is done.  You are beyond reason.

11. I have been called a bully and abusive.  Oh.  And an idiot.  Apparently I have attacked your children.  Know this.  I have not, nor would I EVER attack someone elses child, verbally or otherwise.  My original post expressed my feelings on the subject.  My anger at the what I see as the biggest mistake of the 21st century.  If my choice of language offends you, then go troll somewhere else.  No one forced you to read my shit.  I am entitled to my freedom of speech as are you all.  And that includes me being able to express my feelings about the fucking idiocy of all these anti vaccination people out there.  And if you feel the opposite, go write your own blog and express yourself there.  You can justify yourself all you want.  I still think you’re wrong and dangerous and mislead.

12.  For all of you who don’t like the work fuck:

I tried washing my fucking mouth out with soap, but apparently it doesn’t cure foul language either.