How To Choose Your Child’s Fate?

by Cookie


How do you Bitches choose?

What direction to send your children in, that is.

The Destroyer will be turning three this summer, and therefore is now eligible for all sorts of “activities”.  Dance, preschool, figure skating, gymnastics, music.  Argh.

How do you decide, given that:

A.  She’s three and changes her mind about what she likes faster than a speeding bullet.

B. She’s not potty trained yet, but we have high hopes for summer.

C. There are only so many hours where daytime programs are available, and we work irregular hours.

D. I’m not spending thousands of dollars on this shit yet, because we’re not talking about a potential Olympian here or anything yet.


Husband really, really wants It on skates, and I have put my foot down about hockey.  This is just not a thig that is going to work for our family.  The last minute, all consuming schedule that happens with hockey is insane.  So we’ve compromised and decided to try out figure skating.  Cute, right?

But she’s just three.  So do we get her dancing and moving and then skates the next year?  Or just bite the bullet and throw her on the ice right away?

And then there’s swimming.  I would really, really, like for her to not drown at the cabin by knowing how to swim.

Also, I’m a music teacher, so a musical education is a a requirement in my opinion.  It should be part of every child’s education, if possible.

And what about school?  Is having a little brother enough to learn to, I don’t know, take your fucking turn and share sometimes?  Or do I need to pay someone to teach those skills and do some crafts a couple times a week?

How did you decide?  Tips?  Hints?

I’m new at this, so today, I’m turning to you all for guidance.