How Can We Survive With Only One Sink?

by Cookie

Cause it's pretty and we NEEDS it

Cause it’s pretty and we NEEDS it


Anybody out there watch HGTV?  My personal favourites include “House Hunters International” and similar type shows.

But you know what, Bitches?

It’s brought to my attention an alarming problem in North America.  We are super fucking ridiculously over the top spoiled.  We have become so completely disillusioned between need and greed that I almost want to go live in the back woods and say goodbye to humans forever.

“There’s no double sink in here. I just…I don’t know…’s a dealbreaker for me.  How will we get by?”

I know.  I know.  It’s a fucking crisis, isn’t it?

We’ve got people living in cardboard fucking boxes and moms who can’t feed their kids or buy them new shoes and the rest of us are bellyaching about whether or not the fucking bathroom has two sinks in it?  You guys have to all get ready at the same goddamn time?

Didn’t kindergarten teach you how to share?

I just keep thinking about all the things we consider to be necessities in our lives these days.  My family lives in a 1950’s built house.  Families were much bigger then, yet our house has 3 bedrooms, one full bathroom with…..wait for it….NO ensuite in the master, and one half bathroom in the rec room.  We have two children, and yet a major consideration for whether or not to have a third baby is the fact that they wold have to share bedrooms or we would have to move.  What?  Is sharing so bad?

How did people in the 1950’s manage with only one bathroom with one sink and twice the children?  hmmmm?

We have become spoiled in our entitlement.  We carry huge debt loads because what we have is never good enough to accommodate our “needs”.

Not “we” as in me, because I am too cheap and practical and I don’t like owing anybody anything ever.

Our living expenses have gone up because our living “expectants” have gone up.  I was thinking the other day how we have a land line, and two cell phones.  Then our internet bill.  Between all of our communication devices, we a forking out about 250$ a month just to talk to you people.  Seriously.

Who needs a double sink?  With all the communicating going on here, no one’s in the fucking john anyway.

So Bitches…..what could YOU do without, and what is a dealbreaker for you?  And if you say a double sink, fuck you. 😉