Guest Blog: Home Is Where The Heart Is

by Cookie

From the lips pen of Hurricane Alice’s Handler, here is a post about having to move away and make hard choices.

I can only say that the idea of moving to some beautiful paradise is very appealing.  We all dream about it.  But home is where the heart is, and it takes a brave person to move away from all support and comfort to face the uncertain and unknown.  Especially with a child.

Good luck, my friends!

Well, no take backs now. The sign is up, the house is on the market. We are moving our family from dead center North America, Winnipeg MB, home of mosquitoes and a normal annual temperature range of 70ºC (-35 to +35ºC). We are moving to Vancouver. One of the most expensive housing markets in the world. But they don’t even have screens on their windows, unless there is a cat to keep indoors, they don’t know what a block heater is, and most homes don’t need A/C during summer. We will be able to see the mountains, ocean and forest whenever we like.

My husband is having his mid-life crisis at 40 – fortunately it is only a professional one. He wants to make beer for a living and took an almost entry-level position at a brewery. He’s been well trained for the job already – his previous work gave him experience running the equipment and we invested in some education for him over the last year. And I don’t yet have a job, but just scouring the job ads tells me I should have something by fall. Something that is better than I’ve had in Winnipeg for 3 years. Maybe something that is better than I ever had.

So professionally, we should have done this 5 years ago, before we had our daughter. But we were content with the cards we had in hand at the time. So now, we have a crap hand and have to gamble by drawing new cards: new jobs, new home, new daycare, new friends. It is very bittersweet. I cried to see the For Sale sign on our front yard. We hosted our last party in our home of 8 years this weekend – and it was a little sad thinking we may not be sitting around a fire with our favorite people for a long while. Some friends actually left without saying good-bye – because they didn’t want to. We have a wonderful daycare in walking distance to our home which treats us like family. And our parents are here too – our rocks.

But we’ve realized that we need to teach our 3 year old daughter that if you don’t like the cards you are dealt, sitting there and bitching about them isn’t going to do anything to change them and make you happier. You have to take the risk and redraw. Maybe we’ll draw a Royal Flush. Maybe we’ll be forced to fold, with nothing other than a high card, and slink back to the prairies to be comforted by our friends and family. No matter the outcome, it will be an adventure. We are just hoping that luck is on our side.