An Ugly Little Bird And His Lesson

by Cookie

A picnic lunch between friends.

A picnic lunch between friends.

So, I know I usually have a story about something ridiculous my Destroyer did or said to make her look like a total asshole.  But you know what the truth is, Bitches?

Underneath all the funny, and stupid kid shit she does is an extremely empathetic and sensitive heart.  A heart that observes and is attentive to the needs of others, and very clear about what is important in life.

Yesterday we found a baby blue jay in our front yard.  Now, just FYI, my Destroyer loves birds.  Can’t get enough of them.  If we could find a way to make her life a sequel to “Rio”, she would be complete.

Anyway, she spent the whole goddamn day with that bird.  Oh sure, she took little breaks for lunch and the park.  But everything was about going to check on that bird.  We put seeds out for it.  We got the neighbour to bring his ladder and put the baby bird back in the tree where all his siblings were fluttering around.  We made a new nest for the bird when it fell out of the tree for a second time.

This morning, the fucking bird is gone.  I’m fairly certain that either the local merlin got him, or maybe a cat.  The parents and siblings seem long gone, but I held out hope for that ugly little thing.  He was the only one who couldn’t fly yet, and survival of the fittest, blah blah blah.

But you know what?  I’m going to tell my little girl that his family came and got him.  You know why?

Because the whole day she kept commenting about his family up in the tree.  She had so much faith that his family loved him and wanted him back and needed our help.  She had so much faith in the bond and love between family members that it provided some much needed insight into how she sees us.

Some days, when she is prancing on every nerve I have, I yell.  She cries.  I get frustrated.  But through all of the hard moments, this day with the goddamn bird showed me that she still has unwavering faith in my love for her always.  She knows that I will always protect her, and help her and love her.  Because of course. That’s what mommies do.

So yeah.  Birds are a little different from us, but I don’t want her to know that. I want her to believe in the power of mommy.  Because it’s her belief in me that gives me my magic.  It’s her belief in me that makes me be able to solve her problems and love her shit away.

It took an ugly little half feathered baby bird to remind me of this today.  Open your eyes, Bitches.  There really are lessons everywhere.