It Must Be 1973, Because We Are Still Talking ABout Abortion Laws.

by Cookie


How’s it going, Bitches?  Been a long while, hasn’t it?

Being a mom of two is hard sometimes.  It’s harder when you have the most loving, clingy and devoted # 2 baby who doesn’t ever let you get a minute to yourself.  It makes you feel a little unmotivated, to say the least.

Then I struggled with feeling that thing.  That thing that makes you want to write.  That thing that insists I need to break out of my monotone day and let ‘er rip about something or other.

And suddenly, yesterday, it came back.

You can thank Colorado.  Read this.  

It’s an article about how the state of Colorado is looking to pass a law that takes away reproductive rights.  I am calling bullshit so hard right now.

Here’s the thing about opening up discussions of any kind about abortion.  It should be so completely over by this day and age.  We decided that a woman has a right to choose.  To choose her fate.  Her body’s fate.

And here’s the other thing that may surprise you:

In my present state of moral and religious beliefs,  and my current state of parenthood, I don’t think I believe that abortion is a thing that I could ever do.  I don’t feel like it is the right solution.  But that doesn’t give me the right to insist that every other woman out there who doesn’t necessarily believe the same things about the origins of life or having a soul or whatever  has to do what I say.  It’s her body.  It’s her decision.  And whatever ramifications that has is between her and God.

Not me and her.

Of course, I don’t know what I would do in a situation of an unwanted pregnancy.  What if I was alone, broke, or scared?  What if I had been raped?

What if the child I was caring had a fatal diagnosis?  Would I be strong enough to carry that child to term, or strong enough to terminate a pregnancy that results only in the suffering of everyone?  How would I choose between my own life and the life of my unborn child if I were to become ill while pregnant?

The truth is that I don’t have a crystal ball, so I don’t know whether my opinion about abortion would stand in any of these difficult circumstances.  Good Lord knows that when push came to shove I changed my mind about circumcision.

My point is this.  It is not fair to inflict a sentence on another person when you have never walked in their shoes.  What gives any man a right to tell a woman that the instant she is pregnant, she is merely an incubator, regardless of the risks to her own life?  No man will ever know what it is like to grow a child inside them.  It is the ultimate honor, but also the ultimate sacrifice.  And if you don’t ever have to bear that burden, then you don’t get a say.  Your vote is meaningless.

So while I don’t think that abortion is something I would ever choose, I still believe I have the right to make that choice.  Because as a mother, I know it’s not a choice I would make lightly.

So, Colorado.  Please, get your heads out of the Dark Ages.    Get your heads out of my fucking uterus.

And to all of you assholes who support this law:  Go fuck yourselves.  Just a little bit.