I Just Got Fucked Over By A Jug Of Milk

by Cookie


I’m gonna make this short and sweet today, Bitches.  Because I’m short on time and patience today.

You know what totally gets on my tits?

Price gouging.  That’s right.  Stores that fuck you over just because they can.

Last night on my way home I had to stop for milk.  You know how it is with babies.  You can’t run out.  It’s one of the biggest household crisis known to mothers.  Especially when you have a clingy 15 month old who won’t give up his bottle.  But that’s a whole other post.

So anyway, I stop at Shoppers because it’s on the way and the first one is all out of 3% milk.  I know, I guess he won’t die if I by 2%, but he likes what he likes and that’s what the doctor said to give until 2 years old, right?  I am the picture of motherhood and my dedication knows no boundaries.  So, due to my super momhood, I go to the next fucking Shoppers to get it.

And they are all out of 4 L jugs.

Seriously?  Did I somehow get teleported into some remote northern community where supplies only get replenished once a month.

But they had 2L jugs.  And this is where I got pissy, on top of the fact that this is the second stop I’ve made and I’m already late getting home and holy fuck why is this so hard right now?

A 4L of 3% milk costs 5.69$ at Shoppers.  Expensive to begin with, but wait for this……a 2L cost $4.39$

I call bullshit.  That’s ridiculous.

And not only that, but their other 4L of milk are on sale, for 4.99$, excluding the homo milk that all mommies have to buy for their babies.

Because the world is full of assholes.  They know you’re going to cave and buy it anyway, because when baby’s hungry, baby’s hungry.  I’m actually surprised that tampons don’t cost about 500$ a box.

But then we’d probably just say fuck it, and bleed all over the place.  And men are afraid of periods.  Because they’re assholes too.

Fuck I hate the world today.