Losing Our Virginity

by Cookie


Does anybody remember what it’s like to be a virgin?  Innocent.  A little awkward.  Thinking that you know what it’s like from what you see in the movies or read.  Pretty smug in your safety from all the side effects that go along with it.  Proud to be able to fight off the ones threatening your innocence before it’s taken from you.

Yesterday, we as Canadians lost our virginity.

We thought we were so safe up here in the Great White North.  Safe from the violence that engulfs the rest of the world.

I mean, we’re so busy keeping warm and tending to our dog sleds that we don’t have time to shoot each other.  We only just started selling guns along side our whaling harpoons last week anyway, but I suppose it was just a mater of time.

In reality, we are no strangers to violence.  Do you have any idea how many young Aboriginal girls go missing and get killed every year in Manitoba?  Did you hear about Phoenix Sinclair, the little girl who was beat to death by her own mother a few years back?

Or how about that serial killer in British Columbia who fed the remains to the pigs years ago?

So you see, we are not strangers to violence.  We’re just as good at being cruel and violent as the rest of you.

The difference is that Canada finally made international news because someone shot up Parliament yesterday.  Because it’s linked to terrorism and extremist beliefs.  And CNN decided that some shit was happening in Canada that fit with it’s current news arc.

And believe me, I think this event that devirginized us is tragic.  We have felt the pain that so many Americans and people around the world have felt when people attack us merely because we believe things that are different from them.  I feel so sad for the men and women who went to a normal work day and never saw their family again.

I’ll tell you what.  I don’t give a fuck about hearing the sensationalized stories CNN has to offer about ISIS and what Barack Obama thinks.  I care about this mans’s mother.  I care about his dog, who is obviously his best friend.  I care about his friends and his life.

To me, that is news worthy.

We can’t take the crazy out of people, Bitches.   We can’t protect ourselves every moment every day, can we?  Terrorists are effective because they make people afraid.  They rule by creating terror and fear.  And the news stations feed that.  It’s like violence porn.

Well fuck that.  I will be ruled by love and courage and pride in my fellow Canadians.  And leave the fighting to the army.

Glad to see that Parliament is sitting today.  It’s like thumbing our noses at those fuckers.

And condolences to the families of those that died.  Love and prayers to you all.