The Best Thing I Ever Put In My Mouth

by Cookie

I know I spend a lot of time bitching about things that are stupid, but today I’m changing it up.

Yesterday, Husband and I dropped the kids off at Grandmas house and went out to do some Christmas shopping and a lunch date.   Ordinarily, the shopping part would have fueled an irritated rant about rude assholes in the stores and commercialism etc etc,   but yesterday was different.

We decided to forgo the dumb crowded malls and giant chain stores, and instead shopped at this mom ‘n pop shop called Toad Hall Toys tucked into the city’s historic exchange district.  And you know what?  The toys were cooler, the service was better, and the atmosphere was great.  It actually got me in the Christmas spirit and the older couple who owned and ran it were delightful.  I happily handed over my dollars to them and was glad I had supported a local business that has been around for 35 years.  Glad that they have survived the mass commercialization of this world where we pay our employees next to nothing and expect everything from them.

Next we went to this little restaurant called the Peasant Cookery.  Now, I’m no foodie Bitches, but I didn’t get this extra padding on my ass by not eating delicious food.  I am seriously committed to finding things that excite my sense of taste and putting them immediately into my mouth.

And let me tell you.  I have been to France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, and many places in North America.  And in all that culinary experimentation, I have never EVER eaten any thing as delicious as the mushroom sauce that came on top of my steak sandwich.

It wasn’t just a good meal.  It was one of those meals where you could taste every single fucking flavour in everything you ate because the chef planned it that way.  He made me feel like eating food like that every day and becoming a bed giant was a reasonable route to go in life.  I didn’t want to just eat that sauce forever, I wanted to jump in the pot and make love to it all day long.

And that is what eating out should be about.  Making me think about the meal for so long after that I can’t wait to go back.  That I can’t entertain the thought of eating out anywhere else until I have tried everything on the menu, because I am certain that I will not be let down.

So you know what?  I have decided to make a commitment to spend less of my dollars in these fucking chain stores and restaurants where I leave barely satisfied.  I want to be treated like a guest in someones home.  I want the server to be a grown up.  I want to know that the people who are serving have a vested interest in taking care of me because they have vested their interests and passions into owning their own businesses.

I want to be inspired.  And yesterday I was. Twice.