Age Is Just a Number. A Very Specific Number.

by Cookie

The difference between 17 and 18 is whether or not you can drink beer or brandy.  Wait....that's years, not months, right?

The difference between 17 and 18 is whether or not you can drink beer or brandy. Wait….that’s years, not months, right?

“OOOH!  What a cute baby!  How old is he?”

“17 months.”

“So, 1?”

“No, asshole.  17 months.”

I haven’t actually had this conversation recently, but I was thinking about how people without children are really irritated by parents who talk about their kids age in months.  Now, if my kid was 6, and I told you that he was 75 months old, I would give you this battle.  I would be the moron.

But until age two, I think using months is perfectly reasonable.  Why you ask?

I was thinking the other day, while spending 45 minutes hanging out in Buddy’s room trying to get him to sleep ( 45 minutes!  Speaking of assholes….) about how much he’s changed since being born.  Minus the shittiest sleeping habits of any baby in the history of ever.

When he was first born, we talked about how many days old he was….until about 2 weeks.

Then how many weeks he was…until about 3 months.

Then how many months he is…until about 2 years.

And then, yes, we will start referring to his age in years.  So you can all relax.

But I was thinking that this is how fast they change.  Child development is a super interesting thing.  We talk about their age in months because the milestones that they reach and the changes that happen occur in that frequency.

A 20 month old baby is totally different from a 14 month old baby.  The differences in language and motor skills alone is astounding.  So yeah, he’s one, but those months are huge steps in his life.

And that stuff is important to me to recognize.  It may not be important to you, but I sorta don’t give a shit.  If you don’t want to know, don’t ask.

So anyway, yeah.  My Buddy turned 17 months yesterday.  Can you believe he’s such a giant?  Make him stop growing up.  I can’t bear it.