A Bullshit Post About Vaginas, Uteri, Kidneys and Stupid Thoughts ( yes I looked up plural of uterus in the dictionary)

by Cookie

I had this weird thought the other day.

Actually, I had several weird thoughts.  The first one was that I like the idea of becoming a surrogate.  Ridiculous?  I know.  Anyone (probably everyone) who heard my bitching during my pregnancy with Buddy must think this is the stupidest thing that has ever come across my mind.  But honestly, while there are many things about pregnancy that suck, there is just something so magical about knowing that a life is growing inside you.  It’s such an amazing thing; to give life.

Now, of course, the idea of me becoming a human incubator doesn’t sit too well with Husband.  I can completely understand.  How would it feel to watch your wife carry someone elses baby?  To go through all the shitty things about pregnancy and of course the delightful task of pushing said baby out of my vagina.  You could call that a deterring factor.

So here’s where the strange thinking happened.  As far as I understand,  you can surrogate for someone in the US and get paid for it, including compensation for time off work, medical bills etc.  You are, in a way, renting your body out for 10 months.

Here in Canada, you are not legally able to be “paid” to surrogate, but you can be “compensated” for expenses.  However people get around that, I’m not sure of he details.  I feel pretty confident that the compensation has a pretty loose definition, because being pregnant is a lot of work.  Either that, or us Canadian girls are only “lending” our bodies out.

Is this a nice way of saying that American girls are pregnancy hookers, while us Canadian girls are merely pregnancy sluts?


This train of bizarre ideas led me to further think about how come we are allowed to do this at all.  I mean, I can’t “rent out” my vagina for sexual purposes.  I can’t sell a kidney.

But rent out my uterus to grow a human?  Abort an already living being inside my uterus?

NO problem. Because it’s my body, my choice, right?

Don’t get me wrong, I think I should be allowed to do all of these things.  And in a roundabout backwards way of presenting my logic, this whole post has turned into a pro-prostitution rant.  Also I seem to be in favour of selling body parts on the black market.

Can someone find me a full night’s sleep?  Before I start lobbying the government for change?