A Christmas Message

by Cookie



Merry Christmas, Bitches.

Through all the mayhem, errands and dollars spent.  Through all the preparation and stress and wrapping gifts and trying to get everything done.  Through the many bottles of wine.  Through the parties and presents and things.

Try to remember to be kind to one another.  The core of the Christmas season is one of generosity.  Not just with our wallets, but with our hearts.  When you’re out trying to get those last minute things done and some old lady is in your way and your blood pressure is about to boil over, be kind.  Smile.  Ask if she needs help.

As the big day approaches and my to do list seems impossible, I am trying so hard to just say fuck it, and enjoy these minutes with my babies.  They only get one 3 year old Christmas and one 1 year old Christmas, and I am determined not to miss out on any of it just because I have too much shit to do.  Because the shit can wait, but they aren’t going to freeze in time.

My New Year’s resolution this year has nothing to do with a smaller ass or a cleaner vocabulary.  It has to do with the things I can never do again.   It has to do with these moments I will never get back.

So I resolve to be present and engaged with my kids.  I resolve to hold on tight and appreciate all I have.

Even when the 1 year old throws a bottle of bright green nailpolish on the floor and the 3 year old steps in it while I’m trying to cook dinner.  Nailpolish isn’t terribly toxic if licked, by the way.

Hypothetically speaking of course.  Because I was watching them. Honestly.

Love every minute of this holiday season.  Love every minute with your people.

Merry Christmas Bitches.