The New Year Can Suck It Too

by Cookie

It’s funny how much work the Christmas season is, and how quickly it ends.  Call me a scrooge, but not fast enough.

There’s a reason everyone says that Christmas is for the kids.  Because that’s the only time it’s fun.  Between the planning, the shopping, the gathering the pre-cleaning, the post-cleaning, the cooking, the eating, the tree, and trying to stay sober enough to not burn the fucking turkey, I have never been so happy to see January.

Never ever.

I have a terrific New Year’s Resolution.  It’s to simplify my life.  Too many things, too many commitments.  I am grumpy and tired.

Did I mention my entire has the clan has the flu right now except me?  Don’t get me wrong.  I am thankful not to be sick (yet) but I haven’t slept in almost a week and Husband is about to work a week of nights. Which means you can bet your ass I will fall ill sometime in the next few days so that I can slowly die of exhaustion.

Also, it’s minus a billion and three here.  The kind of cold that makes you wish you were dead every time you step outside.  The kind of cold that hurts to breath.  Where the air is so cold and dry that it feels like Mother Nature is stabbing you in the lungs every time you inhale just to be a total fucking bitch.

After Christmas I experienced sudden and terrifying deafness apparently caused by fluid in my ears.  It has been slowly resolving but O.M.G.  I’m a musician.  I sorta need my ears to work.

And I sprained my ankle on New Years Eve.  Walking.

You know what?  I think the new year blows too.  Maybe I should just sleep until Groundhog Day and hope for a better existence?

Complain-a-thon over.