Gluteus Maximus For Punishment

by Cookie

So, this chick I know at mylifeisthebestlife  decided that she’s gonna do Insanity and be all fit and crap.  Unfortunately for me, this girl serves as one of my primary sources of inspiration for life, so I thought, maybe I should challenge myself to something other than bitching and moaning for once.

So, I was referred to this:

And I was stupid enough to broadcast my intentions on Facebook.

Why?  Why did I do this?

I suppose I needed a way to hold myself accountable for it.  If I say I’m gonna do something, then I guess I’m committed.  I also needed something very simple.  All I have to do here is count. And squat.

For a very long time.

In the end, I hate a contest I can’t win.  And in this contest all I have to do to win is to participate.  And an automatic win? Those are odds I like.

So, I started today.  I did my 50 fucking squats.

The first 20 were fine.  Around 30, my knees started to crack a little.  At 40, my legs were tired.

After I hit 50, I felt all wobbly.  Maybe I should have waited for a day I don’t need to walk afterwards to start?

It’s only going to get easier, right?

Hahahahahaha.  This is gonna be all kinds of bullshit, isn’t it?