If You Ain’t Cheatin’ You Ain’t Tryin’.

by Cookie



Fucking Tom Brady and the Goddamn Patriots.

I could almost leave it like that and let you all take turns either ranting about it or blindly defending the poster boy for the NFL.

By now, even if you aren’t a football fan, I’m sure you have heard at least bits and pieces of “Deflategate”.  The time when our all-American dickhead fucked around with the footballs in the NFL playoff game against the Indianapolis Colts.  Apparently, the balls were found to be under inflated, and this can potentially make them difficult to handle.

And if he wasn’t the one who actually did it, he supposedly knew about it.  I mean, football players in the NFL aren’t even capable of pouring water in their own mouths on the sidelines, so I doubt very much that it was Brady who lowered himself enough to fuck around with the equipment.  However, he HAD to have known about it, so that he could either practice with the balls that way or compensate for it on the field.

Regardless.  The Patriots are cheaters.  Remember “Spygate”?  When they hired people to try and get other teams playbooks?

Maybe the evidence is circumstantial.  I don’t give a shit.  We’re talking about a multi-million or billion dollar sports team who cheat.  How sad is that?

And here’s the thing that really burned my tits.  A local pub has been selling “Free Brady” beer, protesting his 4 game suspension for his role in the whole mess.  Way to have integrity folks and get behind a worthy cause.  There are a million things in this world you can get behind and support, and this is what you choose?  Fuck you.  I don’t care how loyal a sports fan you are.  This is bullshit.

And there is all speculation that the money raised from the beer may go to help the Patriots pay their million dollar fine?  Disgusting.

If this happens, and the Patriots have any good sense at all, they will donate it right back to a sports charity for kids or something.  Try to save a little face and redeem yourselves here.

I don’t know.  Sometimes, it’s better to just admit you fucked up, did an asshole thing, and are sorry.

And never do it again.  But I’m sure they will.

Cause if you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t trying, right?