Sexy Is A State Of Mind

by Cookie

So here we are.  Summer.  Hot sun, cool breezes and 3 months away from my students.

It’s also the time of year where we either start shedding the layers of clothes or risk dying of heat exhaustion.  No more leggings under a dress.  No more sweaters to wrap around myself in case a muffin top is escaping over my pants.

No more hiding anything, Bitches.  It’s summer time, where we are exposed.

And you know what?  I think I am past giving a fuck.   Nobody else seems to care if my legs are squishy and I have that never leaving belly flap called ” I had two fucking babies, the last one was 9 pounds”

Could I diet and shrink a little?  I suppose.  But then there wouldn’t be any wine at night.  And THAT, my friends, is a non-negotiable part of mommy life.  It’s like my reward at the end of the day for not dying or selling one of the children.  Also, fuck that.

I try to consciously eat healthy foods.  I avoid using the term “fattening” in front of my kids.  I tell them that eating apples and avocados keep the doctor away and give you energy.  So you can go to gymnastics. Or beat each other up all day.  Or run randomly into traffic with me screaming at you to stop.

See?  I exercise.  And also I hope you are understanding why the wine cannot stop.

Anyway the point is that sexy is a state of mind.  You know how some days you feel really good about your appearance and some days you just want to hide?  It’s all in your head.  You look pretty much the same every single day.  So whatever.

I am a little person.  Short and slightly round filling out a size 14 nicely.   Everything wiggles a little bit when I move.  My thighs have no gap.  When I sit down, my belly hangs over my pants sometimes.  I cut my bangs a little unevenly and a little too short.

But you know what else?  My body created two beautiful humans.  It has few battle scars from that.  My body is strong.  I can carry both my children at the same time if I had to.  I can walk and run with them.  My bangs will grow back quickly.

And I wear a bikini because fucking rights I do. If a girl wears one to show off how much hard work she does at the gym, I will wear one to show how much hard work I do as a mom.  And if that includes having less time to focus on a “beach perfect” body then it does.

Still smokin hot over here.