The Dick In The Big White Truck

by Cookie

So yesterday I was driving home and I see this big white pickup truck in front of me with huge decal letters in its rear window.  I wish I would have taken a picture, but having your phone out while driving will cost you your first born and a couple bags of gold in this country.

Anyway, the message said something along the lines of ” If you can read English, say thank you to a Veteran for ensuring your freedom.  And if you can’t or won’t, then go back to your own country.”

What the ever living fuck?  I mean, it’s not like someone updated their Facebook status to say something ignorant.  This fucking prick actually went out and spent all this money to make sure every person who passed him on the road knows what kind of racist he is.

Ok.  So clearly he’s a veteran.  And to that I say:  “Thank you.  Thank you so much so voluntarily risking your life to ensure the bad guys don’t win and I can enjoy not wearing  a cloth over my face or be subjected to some evil dictator.  Thank you for ensuring that the liberties I enjoy remain in place. ”

And then I look up and thank God I am white, and was born in this country.

I just kept thinking how this guy clearly didn’t understand what he was fighting for. Aren’t we a country that tries to help others?  That brings people in need here?   Canada is built on it’s multiculturalism.

And just because someone holds on to their own cultural identity and traditions, doesn’t mean they aren’t embracing and appreciating what their new adopted country is offering them.  I mean, if I moved to North Korea for example, I would still want to celebrate Christmas and eat maple syrup and all that jazzy Canadian shit. But I’d still try Kimchi and immerse myself in Korean traditions. The difference is that sick fuck in charge would probably have my head chopped off for being different.  I like to think that Canada is little better than that.

I find it really hard to believe that a veteran who has seen some of the horrible places and conditions in this world would think that people shouldn’t have an opportunity to have a better life.  He fought for that.   But if a refugee comes here and doesn’t speak enough English they can jut go back to where they come from? I would like to see how quickly he would learn Arabic. Or Chinese.

C’mon dude.  You should be so completely ashamed of yourself.

End rant.