Fuck The News.

by Cookie


I can’t even look at the news anymore lately.  Seriously every single article out there is all doom and gloom.

That fat bastard running North Korea is blowing up H bombs for hard ons.  The situation in Syria is beyond fucked.  There are all these people who have lost everything and have nowhere to go.

Donald Trump is prancing around in his asshole suit preaching hatred about Muslims.  He used to be a sorta likeable arrogant fucktard, but he is now turning into a dangerous racist animal.  And he might just win the Republican nomination.  Chew on THAT fat.

The US has people running around with guns shooting each other and still can’t decide if maybe they need to tighten up on the accessibility of firearms.

And I feel like every other article is either about some crazy person who killed their own children or a family that dies in a horrible accident.

Oh, and then there is this crap:  This woman is acting as a surrogate for some asshole and ends up carrying his triplets.  The guy decides 3 babies are too many and demands that she abort one of them.  She’s says “FUCK NO”  ( because who the fuck would do that) and now he’s suing her for breach of contract.  So now she’s challenging the contract and its validity and wants to keep the babies.

Now, legally she might not have a right to them, but a month ago he wanted to kill one of them because it might be too much trouble for him.  What the hell does he think is gonna happen once they’re born?  Everything is easy as long as its two babies instead of three?

I hope she does get custody.  Because I am so sick of assholes getting their way.  And so sick of reading about all the horrible things that happen to kids when grownups are assholes.

Seriously.  Fuck the news.